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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

South Texas and Hill Country Pervert and Crooked DA Roundup

xas pervert and crook roundup-meth dealing fireman, crooked DA's, a degenerate swami and a crooked (redundant) lawyer

A San Antonio area firefighter was busted today for using and selling methamphetamine.  I guess he needed to bulk up so he could lug those heavy hoses up the ladder.

San Antonio lawyer Diana Minella was convicted of stealing from her clients (I know, you're saying what's the punchline, right?). She took thousands of dollars to get rid of traffic tickets and kept the money.

Swami Shree Samijii   bugged out of San Marcos after a jury convicted him of multiple counts of sexually molesting young girls in his temple. It's a disgusting thought, that fat, bald, bearded bastard even touching a child. Just goes to prove that the Catholic priests and their ilk in the fundamentalist Bible thumper churches don't have a monopoly on being perverts.

Ex Jim Wells County DA Joe Frank Garza pled guilty to looting his asset forfeiture fund and got a probated sentence. Maybe he knows some of the same fixers and ex-Kimble County DA Ron Sutton and can get early termination of his probation. 

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