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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Busted for Attempted Murder

District attorneys are politicians. They are elected officials. Most are probably honest public servants. A few are not. Take the case of Mike Nifong, the North Carolina DA who prosecuted the Duke lacrosse team for raping a black 'exotic dancer.' Trouble was, it didn't happen. That didn't stop Nifong from trying to destroy the boys' lives so he could curry favor with the black voters.

The dancer, Crystal Mangum, has recently been arrested for attempted murder - her second arrest on that charge. She's a lowlife, and belongs in prison. The young men she and Nifong tried to destroy were fortunate to come from families with the resources to fight back. Their lawyers caught Nifong hiding evidence and fabricating a case. All charges were dismissed, and Nifong was disbarred.

Some DA's will do anything to win. 

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