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Friday, April 15, 2011

Red River County - As Bad as It Gets

There may be a county in Texas worse than Kimble. In Red River County (east Texas) the DA and district judge have a view of blacks and how they should keep their place straight out of 1925 Mississippi. They frame blacks, kick in doors, without search warrants, and try to send entire families off to the pen. The DA leads the raids, wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying an assault rifle.

The victims of this outrage were able to hire well-known East Texas trial attorney Mark Lesher, whose first order of business was to get District Attorney Val Varley off the case. Varley was with the police when they broke down the door.
"Not only is he dressed up — he's got a flak jacket on and an assault rifle. He's part of the raid," Lesher says.
NPR.org has an excellent report (click Red River County above).
The sheriff and DA are defendants in a $2 million civil rights suit. I hope they get popped. 

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  1. Seems odd that the Prosecutor may eventually be a witness in the same case. And again, a prosecutor has immunity from a civil action, but in his role as a cop there is no such immunity. Guys like Amos and the above-referenced boob just want to be "cowboys" - How do these guys get elected?