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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Send Eric Holder to Prison for Perjury; 198th DA Race; Harley Belew and Queen Bee

US Attorney General Eric Holder has been caught lying about what and when he knew about the ATF's latest fiasco, "Fast and Furious,' where the agency let thousands of guns "walk" from the US into Mexico. The cartels used the guns in their ongoing war against each other and the Mexican government. Two of the guns were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was shot to death by Mexican border marauders in Arizona late last year.

Holder testified before a Congressional committee that he only learned about the fiasco recently. He got caught and is now telling more lies to try to weasel out. I hope he gets indicted and sent to prison for perjury.

Questions for Scott Monroe and Brad McCullouch

I am staying neutral in the race between Scott Monroe and Brad McCullouch to replace Amos Barton as 198th District Attorney. My endorsement would probably cost them as many votes as gain them. I will attend the debate(s) and hope someone asks: if elected, what is your plan to restore the integrity of the office? will you disband the police force that Barton set up? Are you going to continue the employment of Mike Chapman and Shannon Conklin and allow them to patrol in vehicles marked "198th District Attorney Police" ? If yes, under what legal authority? Do you have any concern that you would expose your office and the counties to civil liability? Are you going to employ Barton as an assistant prosecutor?

Harley Belew Challenges Buster Baldwin for County Commissioner Seat

Harley Belew, a local "radio personality," announced he is running to unseat Buster Baldwin. Belew got arrested for disorderly conduct a while back.Before he came to Kerrville he was a DJ in Houston, and was the "star" of a series of radio spots in which he mimicked stereotypical black people sitting around Queen Bee Bar-b-que.Some wit created a cartoon of a jive ass black man with a big Afro juking with three white babes in bikinis, all to the soundtrack of Harley Belew. Go to Youtube and type "Chitlin Pita Supreme." . This should be an interesting election.

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