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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Hero Stands Up to the Zetas

Mexican Marines Reconstruct the Death of Don Alejo Garza
"When Mexican Marines arrived at the San Jose Ranch, 15 kilometers from Victoria, Tamaulipas, the scene was bleak: The austere main house was practically destroyed by grenades and heavy gunfire.

Outside of the home, they found four bodies. Cautiously, and with their weapons drawn, the troops continued inspecting the exterior and found two more gunmen, wounded and unconscious, but alive.

Inside the house only one body was found, riddled with bullets and with two weapons by it's side. The body was identified as Don Alejo Garza Tamez, the owner of the ranch and a highly respected businessman in Nuevo Leon.

Upon further inspection of the interior, marines found weapons and ammunition at every window and door. This allowed them to reconstruct how, just hours prior, the battle had played out."

Someone - Clint Eastwood maybe - should make a movie about Don Alejo. He stood up to the Zeta drug cartel when they tried to take over his ranch. He knew they were coming, and stockpiled his house with rifles and ammo, and when they came he ran from window to window, and shot so many of them they thought they were fighting several men, and they retreated, leaving at least four dead. I hope it never comes to this in the US, but our government won't enforce the laws.
Rest in Peace, Don Alejo.

From Grits for Breakfast

Grievances filed against Bradley, Anderson and Davis
A group I'd not heard of, the Texas Coalition on Lawyer Accountabilty announced that it has filed grievances aganst current Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley, former Williamson County District Attorney (and current District Judge) Ken Anderson, and former Williamson County Assistant District Attorney Mike Davis. Go here to download copies.

The grievance against Bradley includes allegations related to the Forensic Science Commission's investigation into flawed forensics underlying Todd Willingham's conviction, in addition to alleged misconduct related to the Morton case. Via Wilco Watchdog.

MORE: See additional analysis from Wilco Watchdog.

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