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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ruthless, corrupt prosecutors: More Revelations in the Craig Morton Case

Former Williamson County DA (now District Judge) Ken Anderson Hid Evidence and Sent
Innocent Man to Prison

Today's Austin American Statesman headlines"
Depositions shed light on Morton prosecution
Then DA Anderson is pictured posing in front of the courthouse, his arms folded and his face stern in self righteousness, above a picture of a young Michael Morton being hustled off to prison.Anderson is now a state district judge.

From the article:
Mike Davis, a Round Rock lawyer who helped Anderson prosecute Morton for the murder of his wife, Christine, described his former boss as a "control guy" — a detail-oriented district attorney who took part in every facet of a major case, from the investigation by law enforcement to the strategy used at trial.
Any murder case was Ken Anderson's baby," Davis said in his Oct. 29 deposition under questioning by Morton lawyer Gerry Goldstein.

Anderson, now a state district judge in Georgetown, would have determined what information had to be turned over to Morton's lawyers before trial, Davis said, adding that he was "shocked" to discover this year that certain evidence had not been provided.

Davis said he was particularly troubled to learn that Morton's lawyers did not receive evidence indicating that there was a witness to Christine Morton's murder — her 3-year-old son, Eric, who described the attacker as a monster who was not his father.
Davis also said Morton's trial lawyers should have been given other information that was recently discovered in files kept by the sheriff's or district attorney's offices. That included a police report about suspicious activity in the Mortons' neighborhood and indications that Christine Morton's credit card was used — and a check made out to her was cashed using an apparently forged signature — in the days after her death.

Anderson's deposition resumes today. Gerry Goldstein is relentless and fearless. He represented a Lubbock detective named Bill Hubbard who exposed the incestuous corruption of then DA Travis Ware and medical examiner Ralph Erdman when they teamed up to try to frame Hubbard. Hubbard wrote a book about the ordeal, Substantial Evidence, still in print and available from Amazon.

The best coverage of the Craig Morton travesty is at the Wilco Watchdog.

Prosecutors begin presenting case in trial of state district judge in Collin County
Dallas Morning News
McKINNEY — Prosecutors began laying out evidence Tuesday on events that led up to Suzanne Wooten’s run for judge in the 380th District Court in Collin County.
Wooten, 43, faces felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity, money laundering, bribery and tampering with a government record in connection with her 2008 campaign.
The prosecution accuses a woman whose husband was involved in a contentious custody battle of paying $150,000 to Wooten’s campaign manager to finance Wooten’s run for office.

Former Austin cop pleads guilty in window peeping case
By Steven Kreytak
Published: 7:33 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011
A former Austin police officer has pleaded guilty to official oppression and was sentenced to two years' deferred adjudication, a form of probation, related to allegations that he peeped into a woman's apartment window while on duty last year.

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