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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tanna Mozel Tyler Hurt a/k/a Brown Felonies Set for Trial

Tanna Mozel Tyler Hurt a/k/a Tanna Brown's 35 felony cases are set January 24 for trial in the 216th District Court for Kerr County. The former probation officer in the 198th District is charged with forging signatures on checks and other documents and stealing money paid by probationers under her supervision.

She loved to send people off to the pen, or at least those she didn't like or have to protect because they could have testified against her.

Hurt-Brown was part of the corrupt Ron Sutton-Karl Prohl regime. Sutton was the 198th DA, Prohl was the district judge, and both were indicted for embezzling from the asset forfeiture fund and other crimes.She was close to both of them and others who probably should have been indicted with them. She could probably tell some tales that would have the rats scurrying.

The 198th was run like a private fiefdom, and people who got caught up in the system were like the old inmates on the county farms, a source of revenue and job security.It needs more cleaning up.

She was indicted a year ago this month. I wonder if she'll plead and if so what kind of deal she'll get.A first time drug offender can easily get a 20 year sentence in this county. Surely law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard.

A story in today's Houston Chronicle illustrates how there seems to be two "justice systems" one for the politically connected, and another for everyone else.
Ex-congressman loses $1.2M suit against teens in shooting
He filed the lawsuit against boys he was accused of firing at

"A former U.S. congressman lost a $1.2 million civil lawsuit he filed against two teenagers he was indicted for shooting at in his Houston law office parking lot more than four years ago.

The families of Taylor Brooks and Evan McAnulty, both then 17, said that after years of court battles with former congressman and defense attorney Craig Washington, the 11-1 jury verdict felt good.

"It was vindication for our sons, finally, after four long years," said Marti McAnulty, Evan's mother.

An attorney for Washington did not return a reporter's phone call on Thursday.

The teenagers had parked in a private lot below Washington's law office around 8:30 p.m. New Year's Day 2008.

Brooks and McAnulty said Washington shot at them after demanding payment for parking there. Washington was indicted by a grand jury in 2008 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and he entered into an agreement with prosecutors on the eve of the scheduled trial.

Washington served two years of pretrial diversion and 60 hours of community service in exchange for not having to admit guilt or enter a final plea. With his completion of the diversion program, the charge was dismissed.

The boys families called it a "sweetheart deal," saying they were not notified until after the fact that there was an agreement.

Washington then sued Brooks and McAnulty for $600,000 each, contending they tried to run him over in his parking lot. The claim Washington filed did not mention that he shot at the teenagers.

Brooks, a 22-year-old senior at LeMoyne College in New York, said he was starting to lose faith in the justice system, until Wednesday's verdict.

"We are in America very lucky to be able to be judged by a group of our peers, and it worked out for us well in the end," he said."
Washington, African-American, is a case study in the decline and fall of a once great lawyer.He successfully defended a black convict in the sixties who killed a prison warden and superintendent, a saga chronicled in The Trials of Eroy Brown: The Murder Case That Shook the Texas Prison System, by Michael Berryhill.Washington was elected to Congress, and being a liberal Democrat, probably was a big gun control advocate. As with many of the politically privileged, that didn't apply to him.

One of the boys posted this comment:

"Thanks to everyone for your support for the victims (the boys). I would like to clear up on thing for some of you. The boys had parked in that same parking lot a couple days before, their cars were never towed, were not ticketed, no note left saying you can't park there, in fact they were waived into that parking lot and when they left that night, their car were fine. So when they went back, they didn't think anything of it. However, Washington asked them to leave or pay him, and they decided to leave and Washington shot at the boys after they were already in their cars and in the public street. Proof showed the shots were fired after they were already in the street, with 3 bullets hitting the car (on the middle of the car window, the middle of the car door and the behind the car door all on the passenger side. This happened about 9:30pm and the entire event from the time to boys parked their car until after they were out of the parking lot and shot at, was less than 10 mins. We agree no one should trespass; we have all parked where we shouldn't have at some point, no knowing we were trespassing. But you also shouldn't get shot at when you leaving the premises as requested.

As for LegalMentors statement: Completely agree wish we could prove it, then that would really be a sweetheart deal. Washington was never arrested; he wasn't indicted until 4 mos. later and was allowed almost 2 weeks to turn himself in and he did so in the middle of the night. I don't believe anyone else would have been given the same courtesy.

To Ru55: We found that there were only 2 cases (which incl. our case) that Pre-Trial Diversion was ever given for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. I completely agree it was official corruption, seems like we need a new DA. Thanks again to everyone".

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