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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Worst Prosecutor of 2011: John Bradley

Jana Duty Receives Williamson Co Sheriff's Association Endorsement
The Wilco Watchdog reports more dismal news for Williamson County DA John Bradley:
In what most are calling a major blow to Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley's campaign, Jana Duty announced earlier today that the Williamson County Sheriff's Association has endorsed her in the race for District Attorney.

It is defiantly a shot across the bow and a very bold and loud statement when a ten year incumbent who professes to be "tough on crime" does not get the endorsement and support of law enforcement. The Sheriff's Association, according to sources, has over 200 members.

Sources in both the political and law enforcement arena say Bradley is "toxic" and "no one wants anything to do with him".

The Agitator is running a national poll for worst prosecutor of the year, and John Bradley leads the pack. Another Texas DA is on the list too - Lynn Switzer, 31st Judicial District (in Texas Panhandle). Since Gov. Rick Perry appointed her in 2005, Switzer has done her damndest to make sure Hank Skinner is executed before he ever gets the chance to have DNA testing on key pieces of evidence from his trial. Switzer didn’t even convict Skinner, which makes her stubbornness all the more troubling. Skinner was once less than an hour away from execution before the U.S Supreme Court intervened. Then, earlier this year, he was days away before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stepped in.

My vote goes to Bradley and Williamson County District Judge Ken Anderson, who was the DA who sent innocent Michael Morton to prison for 25 years.Maybe their award could be in the form of a red bandana like the one Anderson hid, the one that contained the real murderer's DNA.

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