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Friday, February 10, 2012

Judge Biery Blasts the NutJobs; Court of Inquiry for John Bradley and Ken Anderson; Weed Smoking Texas Judge; Lazy Dallas Detective; Thug Girlfriend Beating Lawyer

Judge slams critics of Texas school prayer ruling
PAUL J. WEBER, Associated Press
Updated 06:40 p.m., Thursday, February 9, 2012
San Antonio Express News

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A federal judge who was vilified by Republican presidential hopefuls for banning prayer at a Texas high school graduation delivered a scathing and unusually personal response Thursday, saying those who used the case to further political goals "should be ashamed."

In a court filing laying out the settlement terms of the prayer case, U.S. District Judge Fred Biery wrote that he forgave Christians who "venomously and vomitously" threatened his assassination, he thanked the U.S. Marshals for providing him additional security and without singling anyone out by name, offered a self-deprecating nod to those wished him the worst.

"To those who have prayed for my death: Your prayers will someday be answered, as inevitably trumps probability," Biery wrote.

Judge Biery is a great judge, and a good reason- as if there weren't plenty of others - not to vote for an idiot like Newt Gingrich is his attempts to politicize the federal courts.

Judge Harle has just ruled that there WILL be a Court of Inquiry
Wilco Watchdog

Judge Harle has just ruled that there WILL be a Court of Inquiry into prosecutorial misconduct in the Michael Morton case. We will have details soon. John Bradley and Ken Anderson will have a lot of explaining to do for the 25 years that Michael Morton was wrongfully imprisoned.

Guadalupe County judge faces pot charge
By Michelle Mondo and Zeke MacCormack
Updated 03:53 a.m., Friday, February 10, 2012

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/County-judge-faces-pot-charge-3215338.php#ixzz1lz1pSvRu

Whiffs of burning marijuana in a College Station hotel led to the arrest this week of Guadalupe County Judge Michael T. Wiggins, who was there attending a conference for county officials.

Wiggins, a former state trooper, was charged with possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana after being found with pot and admitting he'd been smoking, said College Station Police Department spokeswoman Officer Rhonda Seaton on Thursday.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/County-judge-faces-pot-charge-3215338.php#ixzz1lz1xx8gO

Dallas police say 500 were revictimized after detective neglected domestic violence cases

Dallas Morning News
Published: 09 February 2012 11:15 PM
More than 500 family violence victims were revictimized by the same person after their earlier cases were assigned to a Dallas police detective who mishandled more than 2,000 cases over a four-year period, an internal review found.

It’s unclear how much of a role Detective Mickey East’s failures to properly investigate case files that mostly sat in his garage and home played in the additional crimes against the victims, most of them female. Police officials acknowledge that proper action could have made a difference in at least some of the cases.

“If they had been investigated fully, we could have helped them stop that cycle,” said Dallas Police Assistant Chief Cynthia Villarreal. “We’re there to investigate from the beginning to the end, and if we didn’t do that then we didn’t offer that victim everything they needed to stop the cycle.”

Problems with East’s work were uncovered in September 2009, when a new supervisor found that East had entered into their tracking system just 16 cases in a four-year span. Detectives with similar caseloads had entered more than 1,500 during the same period. UptownDallas posted this comment:
As the whistle blower in this case, I can tell you that the DPD was formally warned about this situation three times in 2009 before the case files were actually discovered. The first complaint was filed in January 2009 - ten months before the files were "discovered." Several departments inside DPD were made aware of the problem but chose to ignore each warning. This allowed hundreds of assaults to occur as well as other crimes. It led to assailants being protected from arrests and also led to police retaliation. When an assailant knows his victim is being ignored by the police, you become an open target. When the Detectives know the DPD is looking the other way after complaints have been filed, it leads to police retaliation. When you'refacing retaliation from your assailant AND Detectives while those in command look the other way, let's just say it becomes worse than a hopeless situation.

Court upholds MySpace evidence used to convict gang member in 2007 Dallas freeway shootout

The Associated Press
Published: 08 February 2012 03:16 PM

HOUSTON — The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Wednesday an accused killer's MySpace pages were properly used as evidence by prosecutors to help convince a jury to convict the Dallas-area street gang member of murder.

Ronnie Tienda Jr. appealed his conviction and 35-year prison term for the slaying of 23-year-old David Valadez in a 2007 shootout on a Dallas freeway.

In the appeal, Tienda's attorney argued the judge at his 2008 trial in Dallas County was wrong to allow MySpace entries into evidence because it was questionable whether Tienda was responsible for entries that referred to the killing on his pages on the social networking site.

The appeals court said the content of Tienda's postings, which included photos, comments and music, was sufficient to show he created and maintained it and the trial judge wasn't wrong to allow it as circumstantial evidence for prosecutors to show Tienda was involved in the slaying.
Valadez's sister told prosecutors as they were preparing for trial about three MySpace pages featuring Tienda boasting about the killing. They also included entries of him complaining about wearing an electronic monitor while awaiting trial.

“I kill to stay rich!!” according to one of the entries. Another features a photo of a tattoo of the Roman numeral for 18 on the back of Tienda's head, which a detective testified referred to the North Side 18th Street gang in Grand Prairie.

Thug lawyer who beat up gal pal will be outta practice when he gets license back — in 3 years
Michael Zulandt 'engaged in a calculated pattern of cruelty' vs. girlfriend and deserves long suspension, judges say
Thursday, February 9, 2012, 9:43 PM

A young Manhattan lawyer who spent six months in jail for assaulting his girlfriend four years ago was himself smacked Thursday — with a three-year suspension of his license.
Judges in the Appellate Division in Manhattan rejected a 60-day suspension recommended by a panel of lawyers.
They said Michael Zulandt, 32, “engaged in a calculated pattern of cruelty” in October 2007 when he smacked his girlfriend repeatedly. “The seriousness of (his) conduct warrants a three-year suspension,” the judges said in an opinion released Thursday.
Police said Zulandt got furious with his girlfriend in her East Village apartment. He "repeatedly struck her with a closed fist," kicked her, put his hands around her throat and threw her on her coach when she tried to leave, broke her nose and screamed "I want you dead. I want you killed."
They said during his tirade, Zulandt also grabbed a hammer, smashed her $3,500 Cartier watch, ruined her $1,000 purse by filling it with water, poured oil on her $1,500 couch and ripped into artwork with a pen before ripping her intercom off the wall and snatching her cell phone.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/thug-lawyer-beat-gal-pal-outta-practice-license-back-3-years-article-1.1020182#ixzz1lz7kvRdv

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