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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wilco Watchdog - New Post on Court of Inquiry on John Bradley and Ken Anderson's Misconduct in Michael Morton Case

Court of Inquiry To Be Held On Morton Wrongful Conviction

Judge Sid Harle signed a probable cause affidavit today that will now go to the desk of Chief Texas Supreme Court Justice Wallace Jefferson, who will then make a ruling on whether or not the court of inquiry should move forward.

This procedure, a very rare occurrence, was granted based on evidence presented to Judge Harle by Morton's attorneys.

Judge Sid Harle, in granting the request, also denied two other requests -- one to refer the case to a commission on judicial conduct, and the other to refer the case to the Texas State Bar.

As he left the courtroom with his team of attorneys, Morton said, "When you do the right thing like the judge did today, things will fall in place."

Also, according to sources who attended a debate between District Attorney candidates John Bradley and Jana Duty last night, Bradley stated that the grievance that was filed against him was done so by Jana Duty. Bradley when on to fabricate the truth by stating the grievance had been dismissed. According to sources, Duty was quick to point out that the grievance was in fact not dismissed and on appeal and she had nothing to do with his grievance. Many have speculated it was in deed Bradley who assisted the Wilco 5 in filing a grievance against Duty last year. Bradley once again showed he has no regard for the truth. Not surprising given the past few weeks of Bradley's increased desperation.

According to sources, Bradley went on to lay blame for failing to test DNA evidence (the bloody bandana) on everyone from Duty to Judge Stubblefied. We posted a short time ago that we wondered when he would blame Judge Stubblefield. Last night, he answered that question.

Hopefully a court of Inquiry will answer the questions that linger and justice will be done. Until then, John Bradley and Ken Anderson, in the least Ken Anderson, should be immediately suspended from practicing in the courtroom. The public has lost faith in the system thanks to these two men. Both are equally responsible for making a mockery of our justice system and damaging its credibility; damage that will take a long time to heal.

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