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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rusty Hardin - Special Prosecutor Regarding the Morton Case Court of Inquiry Named

The Houston Chronicle and Wilco Watchdog are reporting that:
"Prominent Houston attorney Rusty Hardin has been named special prosecutor in the Court of Inquiry into allegations that official misconduct contributed to the 25-year imprisonment of an innocent Williamson County man on charges he murdered his wife.

In an order signed Monday, Tarrant County State District Judge Louis Sturns appointed Hardin to lead the inquiry in the case of Michael Morton, who was recently freed from prison after DNA evidence implicated an intruder in his wife’s death and also in the murder of a subsequent woman in a nearby area.

The prosecutor in the case, former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson, is now a state district judge."

Anderson and Bradley are in trouble now. Rusty Hardin is tough as nails, smart, and tenacious. What can you say about a lawyer who had the guts to go after a sitting federal judge - Sam Kent , who was the district judge in Galveston, who not only got impeached and removed, but went to prison for sexually harassing women employees.