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Monday, May 21, 2012

Austin Cop Killer's Excuse; Ninth Circuit COA Goes to Hawaii

Austin cop killer pathetic excuse From the Austin American Statesman 4/23/12 24-year-old Brandon Montgomery Daniel in the fatal shooting of Austin senior police officer Jaime Padron, Daniel's mother, Mary O'Dell, the only family member who has spoken publicly since Padron's death, told the newspaper in a 20-minute interview last week that her son is highly intelligent but was increasingly overcome in recent months from the stress of a breakup with his longtime girlfriend and adjusting to a new life in Austin. She said on the night of Padron's death, her son had taken prescription anxiety medication and was not aware of his actions. "He has absolutely no memory of it," said O'Dell, who has visited her son in jail. ........ Boo-hoo-hoo, poor little Brandon. Why I'll never run for any office again The New York Times has dug up a story from 50 years ago about Mitt Romney supposedly bullying another student. "Mitt Romney returned from spring break in his senior year to find that John Lauber, a quiet, offbeat type, had bleached his hair blond. Mr. Romney, brandishing a pair of scissors, led other boys on a hunt for Mr. Lauber, teasing him and holding him down while Mr. Romney snipped off his long locks." Of course the NYT loves it because the other student later came out as gay. The reason we have such a poor field in most presidential elections is that qualified leaders like Colin Powell and David Petraeus don't want their reputations shredded and their families brutalized. BREITBART EXCLUSIVE: 9TH CIRCUIT TAKES PLUSH MAUI VACATION AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, AS OTHERS CUT BACK by DAN RIEHL Judges from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, federal district and bankruptcy courts in nine Western states and two Pacific island territories, along with lawyers practicing in those courts, and court staff, will gather at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa from August 13 - 16, 2012 in what looks like a less than valiant attempt to ensure American justice is being served...at a cost to taxpayers of approximately one million dollars. .......... Wonder if they used the same travel agency as Ron Sutton.


  1. I can see your position of not running for office. The problem in some parts of America, especially in Kerr County is the politicians feel they must present themselves as squeaky clean Christians totally dedicated to family life. They try to out-Christian each other and end up projecting themselves in a way no human can live up to. How about just saying I am far from perfect and have raised hell in the past, womanized and have used drugs in the past, but that is in the past. Get it off the table right off the bat and everything will be ok. Look at Ron Sutton. He never pretended to be an angel, and has had no problems winning elections. Like the lawyers say, if there are any bad facts they will hear it from me. Don't let the other guy bring forward the bad facts.

  2. Just be a "born again". The worse you were, then the "light", then the purity of redemption - and remember that there is one born every minute. It worked for "W" and it can work for you and me. "Give me that old time religion........., and Amazing Grace?