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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Junction in the National News Again

Kids 'meow' at teachers; are forced to crawl By John MacCormack About all that is certain regarding the bizarre situation with fifth-graders in Junction is that when the teacher tells you to hush, responding with meows isn't the brightest idea.... Upset Junction parents are venting on Facebook, the city police have opened an investigation, and the school administration is in full emergency mode, taking complaints from parents and calls from out-of-town reporters. And the Texas Rangers are being called in to sort it all out.... According to the account given to Molina by her daughter and confirmed by other sources, some of the fifth-graders were being loud and rowdy in the halls Wednesday. In response to warnings from their teachers, some of the students responded by meowing, she said. Molina said she understands four teachers and about 50 kids were involved. But what began as a plan to have the kids run a few laps on the school track to straighten them out apparently escalated into compulsory crawling and meowing, she said. “They want to act like cats, they should be treated like cats, and meow,” was a remark she said her daughter attributed to one teacher. Afterward, she said, some kids visited the school nurse. ............ You can't make this stuff up, folks.


  1. It is a horrible thing that happend to these poor kids. The teachers are the animals here for making these kids crawl and act like cats. They should lock up these teachers in a cage, there the crule animals here. Our kids trusted in there teachers. And these kids will never trust them after what they had to go through. My heart goes out to those kids.

    1. He's a bulldog. I thought they got the name because they used them in the old days in England to bait bulls, but I now think it's because they are so bull headed.

  2. Texas ranks at or near the bottom of the states in public education, no matter what the yardstick, to include, dropout rates, SAT scores, teen pregnancies. Football is the only exception.

    Our flagship universities, UT and A&M are also losing ground also.

    I have lost hope for public education in Texas.

    Tivy has been labeled a dropout factory by the Pew Foundation. Tivy ranks right in the middle of Texas High Schools, which is not a good place to be.