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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Blog Name and Attitude

I've changed this blog's name because I believe this area's legal and political climate has improved so much that it's not a fair characterization. Most of the judges in the Hill Country are decent, ethical, hard-working men and women.I respect most of the prosecutors, defense lawyers and civil lawyers. I realized that some readers have the impression that I don't respect the legal system, the judiciary, law enforcement, police, and the other institutions that make the system work. When I started this blog this area had a statewide reputation - a bad one - because of the scandals in the 198th DA office and court. The people responsible for those are gone. I'm tired of thinking about the bad times, tired of writing about them, and except for a book I'm writing, I'm moving on. I've tried cases in most of the 198th and 216th Districts at all levels from Justice Courts to the District Courts and my clients and I have been treated fairly and courteously. The same is true in the federal courts in San Antonio and Austin. We in America have the best legal system in the world, and we have good people in the Hill Country. This DA race has had me, and a lot of other people, upset and angry. It's not worth it. It's just politics. Whoever wins, life will go on. I'll still write about things that need attention but negativity won't be the focus.


  1. I'm really glad, Mr. Ellison. I'd love to hear all about your Boxer in your profile pic - since we are changing the subject.

  2. He's a bulldog. I thought they got the name because they used them in the old days in England to bait bulls, but I now think it's because they are so bull headed. RLE

  3. Richard I enjoy your writing though I am definitely NOT a supporter of McCullough, who seems to be following the stereotypical DA campaign line, of "Elect me and I will prosecute everything to the max and try to lock everybody up for as long as I can...there is no such thing as a minor offense".

    That being said, your blog is useful because it is crystal clear that the Kerrville Daily Times won't cover anything about the race that is of substance

    Of course, maybe that is because there have been no topics of substance advanced by either candidate--just petty and nonsensical personal attacks on each other. I'd like to hear their opinions on the Barton Private Police Force, alternatives to incarceration, etc. The criminal justice system is out of control with too many cases, too many incarcerations for too much time, a "fake" drug task force that seems only to use "informants"who should be in prison to entrap their friends into enhanced minor offenses which serves only to provide minor headlines for our sad local newspaper.

    Will any grownups step forward?

  4. My husband is still caught in Tana, Amos, and corrupt police/
    probation web. She knew what she was doing and so did they.
    HE SUFFERS FALSELY BECAUSE OF THEIR SCHEMES. Beaten up for a nexium he had a prescription for. Harrassed over and over by 2 certain police officers. Supstance picked off the street and told it came from him. Money stolen from him by Tana. Lawyer told Amos Barton Tana had done things and lied
    and All Amos had to say he was disappointed in Tana for Lying. Nail her butt. She destroyed lives.. So did the rest of them. We all face these peoples persecution even now.