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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kerrville Stolen Valor Perp Photo

This is the photo that was on the front page of today's San Antonio Express News with the article by Zeke MacCormack about Herbert Clarke Williamson III of Kerrville who claims he flew scout helicopters in Vietnam, received numerous medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Air Medals, Bronze Star, etc. At the time he claims he was in 'Nam he was in basic training for the Conn. National Guard. This picture was taken at a function for Vietnam vets in Junction. Our hero dressed in a flight suit with a shoulder patch for a unit he wasn't in, and a blue cavalry hat with gold braid, which my military friends tell me is reserved for generals. Mr. W. was a private in the National Guard. If the Supreme Court upholds the Stolen Valor Act he may have some serious legal problems.


  1. What a fraud.

    He has stolen the valor of honorable veterans. My Uncle died as a naval aviator in WWII. I have his Distinguished Flying Cross. I hate the fact that that cowards like Williamson trade off the bravery of others.

    The companies he works for as an executive should be ashamed of themselves. I personally will boycott them until he offers documents proving the military awards he claims.

  2. Maybe he thought it was Halloween?

  3. All hat, no Cavalry...