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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updated - Secret Squirrel: New Picture of Stolen Valor Herbert C. Williamson III

From San Antonio Express News Herbert C. Williamson III was invited - as a professed Vietnam vet - to speak at this March 15 2010 event honoring veterans at the Kimble County Courthouse in Junction. Photo Courtesy of The Junction Eagle. Photo: Courtesy / SA Can anyone tell me what unit's patch he's wearing? - I think it's for Airborne - a sword with two lighting bolts? If so, that means in his four months active duty when he was in basic training for the National Guard, he also did jump school, basic helicopter flight school, then qualified in Hueys and OH-60's, and flew choppers in Vietnam for a year! Holy ----, he really packed a lot into those four months!! ...................... I saw the name "Secret Squirrel" in a blog,"This ain't hell but you can see it from here," by real vets, about Williamson with his cav hat and flight jacket, which someone points out is also a fake. The comments are hilarious. ....................... The Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Act today on the grounds that it violated the 1st Amendment right to free speech. That won't help Secret Squirrel, who made his claims of being a "highly decorated Vietnam vet" and recipient of the Purple Heart in two depositions. One was in a federal case, the other in a state court case. Both were under oath, and subject to prosecution for perjury. Most Stolen Valor criminal cases were for misdemeanors. Perjury is a felony. ............................. Some of the online comments at the SA Express are hilarious. I think that Colonel Secret Squirrel himself is using the nom de guerre 98GolfRU. Or someone as delusional as he is. Whoever it is is unhinged, challenging me to a duel: "Thank you sleazeball attorney for misrepresenting the career of an American hero. It's a shame you don't have deep pockets so you can experience the fear of being sued and defamed. Hypothetically speaking that is. I wish Kerrville had an octogon and these challenges could be played out with so much more satisfaction. Are you willing, sleazeball attorney and your former client?" I'd take both of you on. ............ I wonder if Col. Squirrel would really show up for a duel? He sure as hell didn't fight in any war like he claims he did. More comments by 98GolfRU: 98GolfRU 7:22 PM on June 26, 2012 Why don't you contact the sleazeball attorney and ask him if the FBI told him to stop wasting their time. It will be somewhat slower from the DA. 98GolfRU 9:03 AM on June 26, 2012 Just because Zeke did shoddy research and wrote an article based on information supplied by a sleazeball attorney, don't think for a second that smearing a veteran's reputation on this comment board makes you look anything but small minded. Did you think to ask Zeke if he researched under what circumstances the Department of Defense hides that information? If the article had been fair and balanced he would have. There are valid even patriotic reasons. There have been a lot of intelligent comments too. For example: 22455003 8:29 PM on June 27, 2012 Oh my.....I have been ultra harsh in my comments in a satirical way, as i oppose what the Kerr County good old boy club stands for. This photo makes me sad, and I wish he would get some advice on damage control. If he sticks to his story this photo could go viral on the internet and the damage will be immense. If he comes clean most of this will go away. Everyone (almost everyone) deserves a second chance. He should seek advice from professionals on how to handle this. The cover up is always worse than the crime.................. I believe the local paper, Kerrville Daily Times, may be looking into this now. Col. Secret Squirrel can get the truth out there - tell the reporter the same things he testified to under oath in not one, but two depositions - flew OH60 scout helicopters for a year in Nam, awarded DFC for rescuing an ARVN officer and his radio man under fire, then 30 years in the Reserve, retiring as full colonel. In Who's Who - awarded DFC, Purple Heart, Bronze Stars, Air Medals, etc. There's nothing stopping him - and he can't hide behind "I was a secret agent man" or "my mission was classified." He's made these claims in every company whose board he's served on - Toreador Resources, ZaZa Energy, Merlon Petroleum, Seven Seas Petroleum, and so on. Readers can google "Herbert C. Williamson III" + Vietnam and see for themselves.


  1. I read in the Secret Squirrel blog that this fellow testified to a Kerrvile Grand Jury with a possibly fake Distinguished Flying Cross Medal pinned to his lapel, dressed in civilian clothes. Is this correct? If true, is Bruce Curry going to lie down and let this guy make a mockery of him and his grand jury? I Googled Distinguished Flying Cross and Ebay has them listed (knockoffs) for $4.75.

  2. Instant War Hero!


  3. He didn't testify in front of the 218th grand jury- it was his buddy amos and the 198th. And Private Willaimson's wife is an uber-republican in kerr county, so you can bet amos wouldn't lift a finger. (brad might, but the wife isn't a hot young intern, so I doubt he would take an interest) Hopefully, Curry takes the perjury case straight to the grand jury.

  4. he was kicked out of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots association because he was a fraud.