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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stolen Valor Act struck down; will authorities go after a rich Republican like they do a working class stiff?

As part of its coverage on SCOTUS finding the Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional the San Antonio Express-News has a sidebar describing three recent cases in this area: Recent ‘Stolen Valor' cases Herbert Williamson III: Kerrville resident has claimed to be a decorated Vietnam veteran and retired colonel from the Army Reserve. A Stolen Valor complaint was filed with the FBI. Timothy Michael Poe: Army veteran who was treated at San Antonio Military Medical Center admitted in June that a story he told on “America's Got Talent” about being wounded in Afghanistan, as well as other stories and claims of being awarded medals, were not true. No suits have been filed against him. Brian Culp: Army veteran from San Antonio was sentenced in 2009 to three years of probation for charges of falsely claiming to be a highly decorated U.S. Army Ranger. After he failed to follow instructions from probation officers, he was sentenced to nine months in jail in December 2011. Russell Fris: Army veteran pleaded guilty to misdemeanor perjury after he falsely testified during a 2009 child custody case in Kerrville that he'd been awarded the Medal of Honor. Fris received 18 months' probation................. Let's see if Mr. Williamson, who is a wealthy Republican gets the same treatment as Russell Fris got. Oh yeah, Fris is from out of town and is a nobody. SCOTUS, with its Stolen Valor, Arizona immigration, and Obamacare rulings, all this week, confirms that the justices just make up the law to serve the power elite. Herbert C. Williamson testified in a grand jury proceeding to get a former business partner indicted - wearing a Distinguished Flying Cross, which he didn't earn. I think a bit of turnabout is fair play - INDICT HIM.


  1. If the guy gives a good Mia Culpa, and apologizes to those he has damaged, I would certainly forgive him and let him get on with his life without jail time or constant reminders of his lying. The problem is most of the Kerr County elite are punitive as hell when it comes to a poor white or a minority. They serve up 30 year prison sentences like it is afternoon tea to the underclass with no mercy. The best way to get love is to show love, or so I have been told. The guy needs to take some time off and get some therapy.

  2. It is not in Private Williamson's DNA to apologize about anything. He is an arrogant POS and I hope a pissed off vet in Kerrville takes his head off, right along with fake cavalry hat he's got on. This guy needs to be indicted. Stay on it Richard!