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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Worm's Lies About Military Service Exposed: Dem Congressional Candidate Ken Aden; Kerrvert Herbert C. Williamson III Makes More Poser Lists

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported last month that military documents disprove Aden's claim that he served as a Special Forces soldier. Aden "washed out of Special Forces training, not once but three times," the Gazette wrote.
It is really astounding that any grownup with a functioning brain could think he could run for public office and get away with falsely claiming to have served in the Seals, Green Berets, or Delta, or to have received the Medal of Honor or other high level awards. I guess they're like the perverts who keep showing up to meet 12 y/o girls only to get ambushed by the To Catch a Predator outfit. 
Great Website That Exposes Military Fakes Kerrville and Houston's own Herbert Clarke Williamson III is now a proud member of another vets' website that exposes phony war heroes, called W3: Heros or Villains. ========================== Reported Claims of: Medal of Honor, Other than Vietnam POWs, Son Tay Raiders, DSC, DFC, Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Cross, SEALS, Rangers, Pilots, Special Forces, Green Berets, Combat, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots, Flying Tigers, DOUBT EVERYTHING, Don't Encourage and more. Colonel Flying Squirrel already made the Hall of Shame in This Ain't Hell But You Can See it From Here. Flying Squirrel is also an entry into a contest for the goofiest fake war hero - you can see all the entries so far at The Sandgram. Here's the intro: “America’s got Posers” July 5th, 2012 Posted in Military Hey Guys My buddy Mark Seavey from This Ain’t Hell has put together one of the greatest contests going and I am honored to say that I get to help knock down 96 losers and shape the field for the 64 slots we have for this years greatest poser contest. I feel like a judge on “America’s got talent” only we’ll call it, “America’s got Poser’s” or the Ultimate Loser contest. Mark, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the honor of helping out. Here are the links to this year’s best, please go check them out and tell me what you think… I warn you, that you may get addicted to chasing these turds down. Since it’s allowed by the law to Steal someone’s Honor, it’s our job to ensure that we expose them for what they really are!!! Tell me which ones you think are the worst offenders and why. I would love your input! Semper Fi, Taco

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