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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kathryn Casey's Book on Kari Baker Murder Case

Kathryn Casey is a writer of true crime and mystery novels. Her new book about the Matt Baker murder case is released today. The title is Deadly Little Secrets: The Minister, His Mistress, and a Heartless Texas Murder. I represented Baker for a while in the case so I can't say anything about the facts of the case. One thing that I think is sad is that so many times we call a case like this the "Matt Baker" case, or whatever the name of the alleged murderer is. Everyone knows the names Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, and so on. How many outside the victims' friends and family know their names? Of course the first thing I'll do when I get the book is flip through looking for my name and hope that it's not too bad.

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