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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chesty the Marine Corps Bulldog; Crooked Lawyer and Cop Roundup; Hiding Behind the Bible

Chesty the Marine Corps Bulldog Mascot Promoted to Sgt. The Wall Street Journal has a hilarious story about the USMC mascot, an English Bulldog named after Chesty Puller, being promoted to sergeant in spite of growling at Leon Pannetta's golden retriever. Wonder what he'd do if he met Obama? The gang that couldn't shoot straight Empire State shooting: 6 of 9 wounded bystanders hit by bullet fragments from cops' gunfire New York Daily News Shooter Jeffrey Johnson didn't get a shot in as officers approached, Kelly said. Cops fired 16 shots, taking down the cold-blooded killer and wounding 9 others.

Former HPD cop accused of taking $8k from wife's boss in armed robbery A former Houston police officer is accused of robbing his wife's place of business, after forcing her into the office building at gunpoint. Ray Faustino Acuna, 26, who resigned Feb. 2 from the Houston Police Department, allegedly took nearly $8,000 from a law firm in the 1700 block of Lubbock Street during an armed robbery at 9:30 a.m. Monday. Surveillance video shows that a man later identified as Acuna, wearing a blue bandana over most of his face, pointed a black, semi-automatic handgun at his wife as she was in the parking lot behind the business. Holding her right arm, the man forced her inside the building, according to court records. Leon Valley cop is charged in assault A Leon Valley police officer is free on bail but on administrative leave after being accused of assaulting his girlfriend's daughter at his Northwest Bexar County home. Anthony Martinez, 33, was released from Bexar County Jail after posting $15,000 bail. He faces one charge of assaulting a family member by choking or strangulation. Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Cop-accused-of-hurting-girlfriend-s-daughter-3813315.php#ixzz24ZCLEna1 Human trafficking ring leaders arrested in Austin, police say Police say they arrested the "main pimps" from two human trafficking rings that authorities said forced women into prostitution and moved them around the nation. Two men and a woman who were working in two interconnected rings were arrested Thursday night in Austin. Police found four victims — two from Houston and two from Florida — who were being forced into prostitution, Austin police Lt. Jerry Gonzalez said. Police arrested Solomon Pate, 26, Demetrick Cooks, 26, and Rebecca Chap, 26, after two women escaped in Round Rock on Tuesday and went to the Round Rock Police Department, arrest records said. Texas man freed after DNA clears him of 1988 rape FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A man who spent more than two decades behind bars was freed Friday after DNA evidence cleared him in the rape of a 14-year-old Fort Worth girl. David Lee Wiggins was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1989, although neither of the two fingerprints found at the scene matched his. The girl, whose face was covered during most of the attack, picked Wiggins out of a photo lineup and then a live lineup, saying he looked familiar. But DNA testing earlier this month excluded Wiggins as the person who committed the crime. Tarrant County prosecutors said DNA evidence demonstrated his innocence. Lawyer who reaped benefits now faces charges San Antonio Hilda Valadez was indicted on 46 felony counts, including a scheme stretching back years in which she allegedly forged the signatures of judges to obtain payments for legal services. A year before the sheriff's office started investigating the forgeries, Valadez appeared on my radar. Last year SAExNews reporter Brian Chasnoff revealed that local courts in 2010 were ignoring the Fair Defense Act, a state law requiring judges to appoint lawyers for poor defendants using a rotating list of attorneys, known as “the wheel.” Valadez raked in more than $403,000 on indigent defense in three years. In the same time, the average attorney earned just $32,500. It appears some of that was stolen.And this is not the first time she's been accused of stealing. About five years ago, she was arrested at North Star Mall for shoplifting a $325 pair of sunglasses. Warren Jeffs, FLSD, Religion and Child Rape I'm listening to a book on tape from Audible.com about the serial child rapist warren Jeffs, who got away with raping dozens if not hundreds of girls as young as 12. He pulled it off because of this country's extremism in "freedom of religion." Claim you are a man of god, and you can get away with anything. The Catholic Church and its culture of old men in dresses raping young boys. Jerry Sandusky doing the same, protected by the god of football. Warren Jeffs was the head of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, who were in the news a few years ago when the State of Texas raided their compound outside El Dorado, Texas. The book is by a private investigator named Sam Brower, and Jon Kraukaer, who has written best sellers about the worst climbing disaster in the history of Mt. Everest, and Pat Tillman, killed by his own comrades in Afghanistan. The title: Prophet's Prey: My Seven-Year Investigation into Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints

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