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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Funnier Side of the News

I came across a great website, Drew Curtis's FARK.com, self described as "real news/real funny." He links to real news stories and makes up his own headlines, similar to The Onion. Here are a few samples: Faking your death rarely works. This is doubly true when you're trying to end an affair. Triply true when you're the new commander of a US Navy nuclear attack submarine- the commander, married with children, liked to cruise dating sites, met a woman and got her pregnant, then tried (by email, no less) to claim he had died. She went to his house to pay her respects. Dude, forget about Jesus burnt onto toast or in a tree, we got Jerry Garcia in a horseradish jar. Also, don't bogart that joint my friend - includes slideshow of images of Jesus on burnt tortillas, dirty windows and so on - why is it that people always say it's Jesus - how do they know it's not the anti-Christ or Charles Mansion. And one that is not so funny - New allegation: Sandusky and Penn State friend introduced boys to mile-high-club Jerry Sandusky is being investigated for distribution of child porn, and he and at least one rich Penn State booster molested young boys on a private jet. Speaking of jokes, Joe Biden just gets better and better. See Biden on Romney: ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains’He also mimicked the lady doing sign language for the deaf. What a moron.

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