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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's who you know that counts

Ethics issues arise in rulings by justice of the peace City controller's wife ordered evictions despite her connections to felon By Lise Olsen Elected Justice of the Peace Hilary Harmon Green repeatedly ordered the eviction of tenants and relatives on behalf of a five-time felon even though she and her husband, City Controller Ron Green, both had financial and personal ties to the home builder. In one case involving Dwayne K. Jordon - a convicted thief who has admitted to repeatedly pilfering people's properties for his residential construction projects - Green evicted Jordon's own uncle despite a dispute over whether Jordon held ownership of the family home. Stop delaying Seguin sexual assault case Express-News Editorial Board Good editorial about the disgraceful district attorney of Guadalupe Co. Heather McMinn who refuses to prosecute a rapist because he is a former client of her top assistant."The lack of action raises serious questions about the criminal justice system in Guadalupe County, where the stench of inaction is deeply disturbing." Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/editorials/article/Stop-delaying-Seguin-sexual-assault-case-3801819.php#ixzz24B0tAg8h Here's one I missed when it came out in May: Ted Stevens' Prosecutors Punished for Withholding Evidence the Justice Department announced that it has suspended two prosecutors who sat on evidence they were legally obligated to share with the lawyers representing Ted Stevens, the Alaska Republican who was convicted of failing to report gifts right before losing his 2008 bid for a seventh term in the U.S. Senate. Stevens was convicted on a trumped up charge. While a special investigator appointed by the federal judge who oversaw the Stevens case concluded that the prosecutors at fault, Joseph W. Bottini and James A. Goeke, "intentionally withheld and concealed" evidence, the Justice Department's report on the matter attributes their failures to "reckless professional misconduct." They were suspended for 40 and 15 days, respectively, without pay. He died in a plane crash before he was exonerated. And the best the DOJ can do is suspend the guilty prosecutors for a few days. How about firing their asses? Where is the DC bar grievance committee? How about disbarring them? Liberty deputy linked to stolen video slot machines A Liberty County sheriff's deputy has been linked to stolen video slot machines and a stolen weapon in a continuing federal probe of illegal gaming businesses and other corruption. Anthony E. "Tony" Lewis, 40, has been placed on suspension without pay since his release on $94,000 bail on two separate theft charges involved in an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms sting operation.

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