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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shave Hasan's Beard!

Hood shooting trial on hold over Hasan’s beard By Angela K. Brown - The Associated Press Posted : Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 16:16:34 EDT FORT HOOD, Texas — The trial for an Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting has been put on hold while an appeals court considers his objections to being forcibly shaved. Maj. Nidal Hasan had been scheduled to enter a plea Wednesday to charges in the attack at the Texas Army post, but all court proceedings were put on hold before he could do that........... Political correctness and walking on eggshells is what allowed this maniac to shoot our soldiers in the first place. I wish the Army would forcibly shave his beard, then use pig shit as aftershave, since the "religion of peace" thinks pigs are unclean.

1 comment:

  1. So much for innocent until proven guilty....perhaps you have been listening to that little Hispanic Nancy Grace Jr prosecutor too much!!