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Saturday, September 1, 2012

More on Cleaveland TX gang rape case; Crooked Telemarketers; Did Israel Get Away With Murder?

Some in Texas town still disagree over sex assault CLEVELAND, Texas (AP) — The abandoned mobile home where an 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted had become a symbolic reminder of a horrific crime that brewed racial tensions in this Southeast Texas community.... Prosecutors say the girl was sexually assaulted on at least five occasions from mid-September through early December of 2010, at the mobile home and elsewhere. Some in Cleveland, located about 45 miles northwest of Houston, have suggested the girl was partly responsible because of her appearance, sparking widespread condemnation. Some also believe the arrests were racially motivated; all of the suspects are black, while the girl is Hispanic....Caroline King, who lives down the street, insisted Friday that people still "don't know the facts of the case" and said authorities were just "harassing people" by knocking on doors in the town of about 7,700 people as they searched for McGowen. "It's not as bad as what they are saying. Nobody tied (the girl) up," said King, 59....Some suggested early on that the girl was partly responsible because they say she wore makeup, looked older than her age and wasn't properly supervised by her parents. Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/article/Some-in-Texas-town-still-disagree-over-sex-assault-3833546.php#ixzz25H4qFJgT Gritsforbreakfast.com has a good article about the scam where telemarketers call and ask for donations for a charity that provides money to the families of state troopers who die in the line of duty. Assets from scam trooper charity placed in receivership. From a Texas AG press release: The State’s enforcement action named the THPM, the Texas Highway Patrol Association (THPA), THPA Services, Inc. and several senior officials as defendants. Court documents filed by the State show that the defendants claimed to provide death benefits to slain law officers’ families and fund scholarships for state troopers’ family members. However, state investigators found that few survivors actually received any financial assistance, and many of the purported scholarship funds were awarded to children of THPM’s board members. After the State filed its enforcement action, the court approved a receiver to take possession of the defendants’ assets and real property. Under the agreement, the defendants’ property will be liquidated and the proceeds will be allocated to surviving family members who never received the $10,000 benefit they were promised. Remaining proceeds will be donated to the Texas Department of Public Safety Foundation and the Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Foundation, which will use these funds to fulfill donors’ original intent. The settlement also imposes civil penalties of more than $2 million. The settlement also prohibits the individual defendants – Kenneth Lane Denton, Timothy Tierney and Steven Jenkins – from any future involvement with non-profit or for-profit organizations related to law enforcement. Defendant Ruben Villalva Jr. and other former board members were also ordered to comply with similar restrictions....... No Justice for Rachel Corrie "Twenty-three-year-old Rachel Corrie traveled to Gaza at the height of the second intifada intending to initiate a sister city project between Olympia, Washington, her home town, and Rafah as part of her senior-year project at Evergreen College. After a two-day seminar in the offices of the International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank, she continued on to Rafah to join ISM members, who were demonstrating against the Israeli military’s massive demolitions of houses on the Egyptian border. Less than two months after her arrival, on March 16, 2003, Corrie was crushed to death by a Caterpillar D9R Israeli military bulldozer....." In 1967, Israeli warplanes bombed and strafed a US Navy ship in international waters. Israel claimed it was an "accident," but the attack lasted 45 minutes and the planes were so close our sailors could see the faces of the pilots. Several of our men were killed. Our government covered it up. You can read about it in The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship, by James Scott.


  1. Nobody is saying or suggesting the girl had it coming or the men that raped the little girl should not be punished to the full extent of the law, as you suggest. Your writing, along with others suggests the Black Community is taking that position. Projecting this immoral, unjust position on the black community is a despicable act of racism.

    To the contrary, the black activist Quannel X has condemned the black Community of Cleveland for not being more vigilant, as the little girl has been coming back and forth to that trailer for four (4) months. The people that lived in that community should have noticed this and taken action according to Quannel. There is discussion as to the actions of the girl’s mother, as the child had a sexually explicit facebook page (according to QX) and the mother was unable or unwilling to control her daughter. This is discussion, not to be interpreted as a defense for the accused. Certain people are distorting this and trying to project the idea that the black community somehow thinks the rape was OK, given the fact that the girl wore makeup and looked older and behaved in a sexual way. This is not true, and is pure race baiting. QX has stated that the guilty parties should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He does say there are 3 of the 18 accused that are innocent, so when the press says he “supports” the accused, that means he supports THREE (3) of the accused.

    If the good people of Kerrville want to look for racially motivated crime, perhaps they should look in their own back yard and take a closer look at the Rape case brought forward by Bruce Curry against Deron Belford a young black man accused of raping a local white girl of some prominence. A good Kerrville jury acquitted this young man is short order. In my opinion, Curry should never have made this case in the first place, and if Deron was white, the charges would not have been brought forward in the first place. Curry’s actions are nothing more than an attempt at a 21st century lynching, in my opinion.

    Forget what the blogs say Quanell X's postion is on this case is. Here is a recording of an 18 minute interview with QX on the situation in Cleveland. Tell me what is wrong with what QX is saying?

  2. The Texas Highway Patrol Museum is an interesting case, especially given the fact that the board members are all active or past DPS troopers. Do you know anything about the organization in Kerrville that is soliciting money to build a museum for Texas Rangers? There is an existing Ranger museum in Waco. The organization in Kerrville has been around for a long time, and no museum to date. One may wonder how much of the money raised goes to overhead and, whether a museum will ever be built as a result of the solicitation efforts.

  3. It's the Former Texas Rangers Association. It used to be in Kerrville but moved to Fredericksburg a couple of years ago. Retired Ranger Joe Davis is the president. He's a straight shooter and I don't think he'd be involved in anything that wasn't first class.