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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did God Send Hurricane Sandy to Help Obama?

Why do religious people think good things come from whatever god they worship but not the bad? Consider: Romney probably would have won if the storm Sandy hadn't hit the Northeast. Liberals like Chris Matthews are praising God for intervening to help Obama. What about the millions still without power and the thousands who lost everything? Here's an ironic story: NY man who lost leg in crucifix mishap sues church NEWBURGH, N.Y. (AP) — A trial has been scheduled for early next year in the lawsuit filed against an upstate New York church by a man whose leg had to be amputated after a 600-pound crucifix fell on him. Attorney Kevin Kitson of White Plains tells The Associated Press that the case of his client, David Jimenez (hih-MAN'-ez ), is scheduled for trial in January in an Orange County court. Kitson says Jimenez prayed to the crucifix outside St. Patrick's Church in Newburgh after his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When she recovered, he showed his thanks by volunteering to clean the cross. In May 2010, the crucifix fell on him, crushing his right leg. It was later amputated. He's suing the church for $3 million.


  1. Many people in Texas, and the red states in particular are running out and buying guns after Obama was reelected. This could be a good thing, especially if the poor and disenfranchised are purchasing weapons.

    I cannot understand why so many of the white, middle and upper class are purchasing small arms at this time. In the event of revolution, they will probably be on the side that seeks to maintain status quo, and not part of a revolutionary movement. Small arms may be helpful in this situation; however, as a student of revolution, I can tell you that fire is the favored weapon of the revolutionary. Generally, when the movement arises from the left, the targets are usually institutions of the status quo. In the event of a hypothetical uprising in Kerrville, I could imagine the Courthouse, the First United Methodist Church, and the homes in River Hills being initial targets for destruction by fire.

    Taking this into consideration, one may consider purchasing firefighting equipment, as opposed to a second or third weapon, although a fire extinguisher is not nearly as sexy as an assault weapon.

    The last thing civilians should consider is engaging a military force with small arms. In the event of gun confiscation and martial law, the Guadalupe river will be filled with guns, pitched in by fearful gun owners.

    1. Why would you and your friends want to start a revolution. You're taking over through demographics and the democratic system. Most people don't realize that Hitler came to power through a democratic election. If you think this country is so bad, where would you like to live? Maybe we can raise the money for you to relocate to Communist China or Afghanistan.
      I did renew my NRA membership though.

  2. This from a different "Anonymous, but if you'll are raising money to send liberals to another country, I'll take Costa Rica or Panama. Where do we apply?