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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures from Kerrville's Colorful Past - Slave Ranch

I've self-published a long article or short book on Amazon Kindle, titled Texas Grotesque: the Texas Slave Ranch - How a Degenerate Ranching Family Got Away With Murder. I'm working on some more true crime tales from deep in the heart of Texas, and when I have enough material will go the traditional publishing route. Meanwhile . . . .

These are some pictures I found in the Kerr County District Clerk's file on the Slave Ranch trial in 1986. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wesley Ellebracht, Sr. hosted a wedding in their home for one of his foremen and his bride. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion. Wes, Sr. is the one who looks like one of the Walking Dead zombies. The one who looks like a mini-Buddy Holly is Wes, Junior. The skinny redhead is his wife Joyce.

Except for the old man, you wouldn't suspect from looking at them that they were a bunch of sadistic kidnappers (not the groom and bride, I don't even know who they were -they may well have been victims themselves). There's one of Wes yukking it up pointing a rifle at the bride and groom.

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