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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who you gonna call when the zombies come?

The Jan. 2013 issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine has a feature article by former Navy Seal Matt Bracken that should get the bowels of the anti-gun crowd in an uproar. Titled When the Music Stops: How American’s Cities May Explode in Violence - The Surburban Armed Vigilante Response, he describes a nightmare scenario where law and order breaks down, and flash mobs of what he calls Minority Urban Youth go on rampages. Bracken describes some of the ways law abiding people could protect themselves, using tactics that our veterans have learned in Iraq and Afghanistan. For example, the sniper ambush: the new tactic of choice. Teams of snipers would have preplanned ambush sites and escape routes. After shooting enough of the rioters to dissuade their friends to flee, the sniper teams would disappear. Now, Bracken is a novelist, and maybe article is a clever ploy to publicize his books, Enemies Foreign & Domestic, and Castigo Bay. If you think this is fantasy, remember what happened during the Rodney King riots when the Koreans armed with AR’s prevented the looters from burning their shopping centers. I am puzzled by all the movies, tv series, and books about zombies and vampires. The best explanation is probably that people are afraid that society is going to collapse and the police and the government won’t be there to help.

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