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Monday, February 11, 2013

Michael Morton/Ken Anderson Court of Inquiry; State Trooper Bullies

‘Monster transcript’ focus of Morton hearing

Williamson Co. District Judge Ken Anderson is in the hot seat in a court of inquiry over his prosecutorial misconduct in sending Michael Morton to prison for life for a murder he didn't commit. Anderson was the DA at the time, and he hid critical evidence from the defense. From the Statesman:

"On Tuesday, the court also heard from one of Anderson’s former assistant prosecutors, Kimberly Gardner, who said not only was Anderson aware of the “monster transcript,” but he discussed strategies for dealing with Eric’s testimony should it come up during Morton’s trial.
Gardner recalled an informal meeting at the district attorney’s office with Anderson and Mike Davis, an assistant prosecutor in Morton’s case. “Ken was talking about the Morton case. He said, and I remember him leaning up against a door jamb … with his arms crossed, and he said, ‘The kid thinks a monster killed his mother,’ ” Gardner said.
Gardner also read from an affidavit, which she had provided to Morton’s lawyers shortly after he was released from prison, in which she recalled Anderson and Davis discussing a possible rebuttal argument — that Morton was the killer but wore his scuba diving wetsuit to hide his identity and portray himself as the monster that Eric saw."
I don't know how Anderson can look in a mirror without puking.

Big Texas banker, donor alleges trooper misconduct
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A prominent Texas political donor and IBC Bank executive said Friday that state troopers harassed his family during routine traffic stops, and has now secured a meeting with the state's top law enforcement executive over those and other allegations of trooper misconduct statewide.

IBC Bank Zapata CEO Renato Ramirez said his own experiences are emblematic of larger problems at the Texas Department of Public Safety. Earlier this week, the department fired a female trooper near Dallas whose videotaped body cavity search of two women went viral on the Internet.

"These guys feel empowered to do what they want to do," said Ramirez, who said he came forward as a board member of the Texas Civil Rights Project.
Ramirez said he has been personally pulled over "8 to 10 times" over the past few years for violations he described as mundane. But he said he was most angered by a September 2011 incident in which his son and 13-year-old granddaughter were pulled over on their way to the dentist.

According to an affidavit provided to The Associated Press by his father, Ricardo Ramirez said a trooper pulled him over for driving in a turn-only lane. Ricardo Ramirez, who is president of IBC Bank Zapata, said the trooper made him stand behind his truck and questioned his daughter over how they paid for the $52,000 vehicle.

"Even after I identified myself as President of a $500 million bank, his hostile and aggressive demeanor persisted," Ricardo Ramirez wrote. "His interrogation is a violation of my civil rights as an American citizen."

3 deputies fired over alleged trysts in patrol cars
llegations of sexual misconduct while at work led to three Harris County sheriff's deputies losing their jobs, officials said.

On Monday, the now-former deputies, Michael Medina, Robert Johnson and Adam Wright, were fired after an internal investigation.

Sheriff's officials said the three used their patrol cars for sexual trysts with a woman with the department's Citizen's Police Academy.

Miami-Dade Police Kendall Squad Caught Ignoring Emergency Calls, Shopping On Camera (VIDEO)
An entire Miami-Dade Police squad in Kendall has been disciplined -- several of the officers, fired -- after what CBS Miami reports is one of the worst dereliction of duty cases in the department's history.

One officer, Dario Socarras, was filmed drinking coffee for nine minutes while allegedly ignoring emergency dispatch orders on a call for an unconscious 5-month-old baby, Local10 reports.

His supervisor, Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez, was sitting at the cafe with Socarras -- and was also recorded shopping while on duty at stores like Target and Lowes, brushing off work to rendezvous with her boyfriend, and visiting her parents in Cutler Ridge when she should have been on the job, according to CBS.

Socarras was also filmed twice kissing and spending time with a girlfriend in the parking lot of the Dadeland mall, allegedly while ignoring calls for armed robbery and burglary -- forcing officers from other units to respond from greater distances.

Matt Moore, 'Ex-Gay' Christian Advocate, Exposed On Grindr

An "ex-gay" Christian advocate, who blogs about how religion saved him from a life of homosexual sin, was recently discovered on gay hookup app Grindr.

Matt Moore, a blogger for the Christian Post, writes extensively about how Christianity has helped him to turn away from a gay lifestyle. But, apparently it didn't help him quite enough to steer him away from Grindr.

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  1. "I don't know how Anderson can look in a mirror without puking."

    Let hazard a guess. Anderson, among other things is a big Bible thumping Christian. He teaches Sunday school, and is a leader in his Round Rock Church. I suspect he feels a cleansing every Sunday as he is affirmed as "good and righteous". I see this phenomena over and over with evil judges and lawyers. They always seek refuge and affirmation in Church and are not content to be just worshipers. They always want to be teachers. This goes on in spades @ FUMC in Kerrville.