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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aryan Brotherhood/Mexican Cartels Alliance, Brazoria Co Pervert Judge

U.S. prosecutor quits Aryan case, citing security

A federal prosecutor in a major case in Houston against the notorious Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang has withdrawn over security concerns in the wake of the weekend killings of a Dallas-area district attorney and his wife, said a source familiar with the case.

Jay Hileman, an assistant U.S. Attorney, had been assigned to the case.

Houston defense attorney Gus Saper, who represents alleged Aryan gang leader Terry Ross Blake, confirmed prosecutor Hileman notified him he was no longer on the case.

Colorado suspect slipped ankle monitoring bracelet

The purpose of the AB is now power and is not a racial organization as it has been deemed in the past. The AB’s continue to be aligned with members of the Mexican Mafia (EME) and certain motorcycle type inmates. The publicly available documents illustrate that the Aryan Brotherhood has aggressively pursued alliances with larger and more powerful crime organizations throughout its history. They have smuggled, trafficked, and killed on behalf of groups of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in order to turn a profit. They are hired guns (or fists, or knives, or prison shanks, depending on the situation).
It would be convenient for the media if the brutality in Texas turns out to be at the hands of a "white supremacist" group acting alone and on racial grounds. What would be less convenient is if a "white supremacist" group turned out to be working in conjunction with Mexican drug cartels in the middle of a politically charged debate on U.S. immigration policy.

God forgives. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas does not

Eugene Crum Dead: Mingo County Sheriff Fatally Shot Near West Virginia Courthouse
Crum was eating lunch when a suspect drove by and fired at him, a county commissioner said, according to the Charleston Daily Mail. West Virginia House Delegate Justin Marcum said Crum enjoyed having his lunch in a place where he could see a former "pill mill" that was raided in 2010, the paper reported.

Crum was reportedly in his car when another vehicle pulled up alongside him. When Crum rolled down the window, he was shot twice, Marcum said, according to Charleston Daily Mail reporter Dave Boucher.

Brazoria County Pays $850K To Settle Judge Sex-Harassment Suit; Some NSFW Highlights Of The Many, Many Porn Sites He Visited On County Computers

Among the behavior Blackstock was accused of over the years, according to Armstrong and court records:

Investigation identified 19 victims between 1983 and 2008. Twelve of the women Blackstock sexually assaulted provided sworn statements and testified to conduct that included vice-like hugs, grabbing and fondling breasts, patting and squeezing buttocks, locking the door or blocking exit from his office and forcefully pushing women up against the wall, forcing a woman to give him oral sex, forceful kisses against their will, and frequent comments of a sexual and suggestive nature. Blackstock admitted to sending obscene video and pictures to women via County emails on County time and County computers. Read more at the houstonpress.com
Cypress youth minister gets 5 years for sex assault of child
A jury this week sentenced a youth minister to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child and online solicitation of a minor in 2011, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Prosecutors said that Chad Foster, 34, of Cypress, showed sexually explicit images of himself on Skype, a computer video communication system, to a 14-year-old girl. The girl told authorities she met Foster when he was a youth pastor at Second Baptist Church in northwest Houston, records state.

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  1. The prosecutors are facing the inevitable outcome of the war on drugs. It is terrible, but the $ is stronger than law enforcement. The Portugal model is the clear solution