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Thursday, April 25, 2013

FBI - intentionally dishonest or just incompetent - same question for the vaunted rangers

FBI. Texas Rangers. The mere mention of these agencies inspires awe, not to mention about a thousand fawning films, books and t.v. series. Wednesday's Wall St. Journal opinion page has a different take (The FBI's Boston File, 04/24/13). The FBI was warned by its Russian counterpart that the Tsarnaev Brothers were Chechen terrorists, let one of them leave on a false passport for six months to Chechnya, let him return, didn't question, follow or wiretap him.

A few years ago in Boston, the FBI not only failed to arrest James Whitey Bulger, it actively conspired with him to murder witnesses and informants. The top two agents in the Boston office took bribes, and padded their resumes with arrests of Italian mafiosa that Bulger ratted out. The higher ups at headquarters knew and condoned it, all for the higher good of going after the Italian mafia. Of course, only a few years earlier, under Ms. Hoover, they denied there was such a thing as the mafia, while Hoover gambled on the ponies with the godfathers.

San Antonio Attorney accused of drunken driving
Add “drunken driving” to the criminal charges lodged against high-profile attorney Hilda Quesada Valadez, who faces 46 felony counts of courthouse fraud, on allegations that she forged judges' signatures and double-billed Bexar County.

Report: Federal agency charged with oversight of fertilizer plant security in disarray
A devastating Homeland Security inspector general report released in March lays bare an alarming pattern of poor planning and ineffective execution that beset nearly every aspect of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program, as well as the subsequent misleading of congressional overseers, who were told the program was making progress.

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