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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rape of the Hill Country Skyline - CREZ Transmission Lines

I'd like to know why our elected officials allowed some sleazy corporate fat cats to deface the landscape through Kerr County, including the town of Kerrville itself. I remember the first time I drove on I-10 through Kerr County, with my recently widowed mother, remarking that this didn't look like Texas at all. It was bad enough when some religious fool put up a big, ugly metal gibbet on the hill behind the used car dealership north of the interstate because Jesus came to him in a hallucination with instructions - similar to Oral Roberts' delusion about a 700' Jesus appearing and telling him to raise millions more from the gullible - and the cheesy sculptures, the one closest to the road being Jesus in his kick ass mode sitting on a stallion with ram horns (I'm not making this up) and waving a sword like Darth Vader.

Now we have the CREZ (Competitive Renewable Energy Zone) transmission lines blotting the landscape. The only good thing about them is they make the Coming King freak show insignificant.

I think T. Boone Pickens, who singlehandedly destroyed more jobs in the energy industry than Genghis Khan killed people, is one of the big players in the windmill scam. How many birds will the windmills kill ever year? Did our idiot governmental representatives do a cost-benefit analysis, comparing traditional energy sources - like the Eagle Ford and all the other shale plays - before they used our tax dollars to make a few crooks even richer?

Where the hell were the City of Kerrville (whose city attorney is paid about $175g a year when you add in all the benefits) and our county government (who also has a highly paid county attorney) and our state rep Harvey Hildebrand when this rape of our home went down?

Here's what's coming next - Pickens and his cronies want to lock up all the water in Texas, so they can sell it to the highest bidder. Under the "rule of capture," they can pump as much groundwater as they want as fast as they can - even if they deplete the Edwards and Ogalalla and all the other aquifers, and they'll find a way to take the water in the rivers too.

BEND OVER, TEXANS! We'll soon look like Houston's North Freeway.

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