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Friday, May 24, 2013

Abusive Galveston Judge Indicted

The following stories are excerpted from Mary Flood's great blog on the Houston Chronicle, Houston Legal

Indicted Galveston judge suspended
GALVESTON - A state commission Thursday suspended a Galveston judge without pay, a day after he was arrested on eight criminal charges related to his conduct in office.

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued an order suspending County Court-at Law Judge Christopher Dupuy at 4:24 p.m., citing the indictments against Dupuy.
Dupuy's appearance back on the job was troubling for Greg Enos, one of the three attorneys cited in the indictments as the victims of official oppression, obstruction or retaliation, and abuse of official capacity in Dupuy's court.

"He is clearly innocent until proven guilty," Enos said, "But he's not a plumber, he's a judge, and if he cares about how people perceive our system, he should step aside.

Dupuy is accused of ordering Enos to stop representing a client and of fining Enos $25,000 in response to Enos' efforts to have a case transferred.

More than 1,200 DWI cases may be compromised
Defense lawyers said Thursday that problems with a DPS supervisor in Conroe tasked with regulating alcohol testing machines and the police officers who operate them could affect more than 1,200 DWI cases.

Glenn Merkord was suspended for 30 days this month for renewing certifications for machine operators who had not fulfilled all of the requirements for certification, according to a letter the Department of Public Safety sent Merkord notifying him of his punishment.
In April, a former forensic examiner in Houston's DPS crime lab was criticized by the state's Forensic Science Commission for years of problems and a dubious understanding of chemistry. Nearly 5,000 drug cases analyzed by Jonathan Salvador statewide remain in question because of his shoddy work, the commission found.

Salvador resigned last year after a Texas Rangers investigation found he had falsely claimed to have tested a drug sample but actually used results from another case.

In 2009, another technician, Deetrice Wallace, was convicted of faking inspections of the machines, invalidating hundreds of DWI convictions. Wallace was sentenced to a year behind bars for three counts of tampering with a governmental record.

From the S.A. Express -

Boerne cop arrested after cat shot with crossbow

A Boerne police officer is on administrative leave and facing a criminal charge in the shooting of a neighbor's cat with an arrow Wednesday while he was off-duty.
Lance Deleon, a 41/2-year member of the force, was charged with animal cruelty, a state jail felony, and held at Kendall County Jail before being released on $2,000 bond late Wednesday, Police Chief Jim Kohler said.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/article/Boerne-cop-arrested-after-cat-shot-with-crossbow-4544433.php#ixzz2UDD6iIAG

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  1. Some Judges just cant come to grips with their station in life after a fall. They want to maintain the God like persona. What they don't realize is they get special treatment only because people think one day they could do something for them. Once this not an option, they are just another Joe. Convicted Felon E.K. Prohl is a good example. Not to long ago I received an email from him wherein he is leading an effort to overturn Obama Care. Never mind that he is still getting great socialized benefits on the tax payer's nickle, he wants to keep punishing poor people. He still sees himself as a leader in the community. He just does not get it.