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Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Recent Headlines from the Kerrville Daily Times

See if you can spot the real headlines and the ones I made up:

Bluebonnets, Barbed Wire and Quails: a Retrospective at the Museum of Western Art

Home Town Hero: Fifty Years of Perfect Attendance at Rotary and Sunday School

San Angelo Resident Accused of Drunk Driving

Ingram Students, Teacher, Write Original Play

First Jew in 50 Years Moves to Kerrville

County Pays for Slave Ranch Memorial Marker

I'll tell the answers tomorrow.


  1. I am rolling in laughter....perhaps you real calling is that of a comedy writer. I wrote the piece about gazing into the crystal ball. You defeated me!

  2. The KDT is very obedient to their masters, but they can't even do that properly. I have seen several County fathers drop their chin, close their eyes, and slowly rotate their heads from side to side at the mention of the KDT.

  3. How about this one...

    "Hunt to Vote on Arming Teachers".........Real or Fake???

    1. That one's real. Sounds like something from The Onion, doesn't it?