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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Please Buy This House! (so its current owner can leave town)

Historic Kerrville Home Overlooks Guadalupe River
This beauty looks like something you'd see in a movie set in the hills of Los Angeles, or maybe an English country manner. Check out the pictures on the San Antonio Express News website. And it' a steal, marked down from $1.25 Million to $975k. Please buy it, so its current owner can leave town.*

That would be the former 198th District Attorney.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sore Losers, The Vampire Strikes Back

There's a certain wormy lawyer in Kerrville that I ran out of elective office last year who is a sore loser and trying to get payback. Of course he had crossed a lot of people, some with a lot more influence than I'll ever have, so I can't take full credit. Anyway, I think of him as being like a vampire or zombie - just when you think he's gone away, he comes lurching or slithering back into your life. It is my opinion that there is enough evidence for probable cause to support an indictment that he illegally used government resources to investigate me three years ago. Sort of a mini-Nixon. He made false accusations against me that went nowhere. I should have sued him for invasion of privacy and libel then. Now he's back, and has some clown claiming to be a private investigator calling lawyers here and saying that he's heard I've had a lot of trouble with people in Kerrville. He's getting close to getting himself into a libel and invasion of privacy suit. He names some of the people I had run-ins with - two were indicted and pled guilty to felonies based on my investigation, and a few others got pulled into the grand jury and just dodged getting indicted.

Mr. Investigator, call me - my number is 830-792-5601, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Or you can ask Senator John Whitmire about my testimony to the Criminal Justice Committee, and the special law the Legislature passed to clean up the corruption in the 198th DA asset forfeiture fund, or CNN reporter Gary Tuchman, or Zeke MacCormack at the San Antonio Express. Or ask Bruce Curry, the 216th DA who took my complaint to the Attorney General, who got the indictments and convictions. I like to think that I had a lot to do with cleaning up the county - we have a new 198th DA, Scott Monroe, who is honest and has common sense and a sense of justice.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rambo Cops in San Marcos; Militarization of Police Depts.; More on Chris Kyle

From the S.A. Express - article by Zeke MacCormack
Arrest of San Marcos cops called rarity

SAN MARCOS — The spectacle of police here arresting two of their own has generated kudos from a watchdog group, surprise from residents and disgust from Police Chief Howard Williams.

The cases of Cpl. John A. Palermo, accused of assaulting a pedestrian who happened to walk by a traffic stop, and Patrolman David K. Amerson, charged with prescription fraud, mark the first times in Williams' 10-year tenure as chief that he's jailed a member of his 97-officer force.

...... Palermo assaulted a college student - a girl! - by knocking her down and handcuffing her. Pictures show severe facial bruising and broken teeth.

The Wall St. Journal on Saturday ran a long article on the miltarization of police forces in the U.S. Cops across the country regularly use SWAT teams to kick in doors, throw flash bang grenades, and so on, to make drug busts. There's a place for that when you're dealing with hard core, violent criminals, but not for 90% of the arrests. It' like the Waco debacle where BATF assaulted David Koresh's compound, leading to the deaths of agents and about 80 civilians, including young children. The sheriff said if they had talked to him he would have told them they could bust Koresh when he came in for his weekly pizza.

The WSJ article is behind a pay wall, but there are plenty of other articles available online. Radley Balko's new book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.” To read an exceprt "Why did you shoot me: I was reading a book," click here.

After 911, Americans have just rolled over and given away most of the civil liberties the Founding Fathers fought for.

I've been thinking more about Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal sniper who wrote American Sniper about his experiences in Iraq. He survived IED explosions, dozens of battles where he and his brothers were way outnumbered, getting shot, having a concrete wall that was hit by an RPG fall on his legs. He did four tours almost back to back. When he was home, his training required him to free fall from 30,000 feet in HALO jumps, not to mention the "routine" SEAL training, like night dives to plant dummy mines on the bottom of ships. All that, and he comes home and is murdered by a crazy vet he's trying to help. There's an excellent book, On Killing: the Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, by Dave Grossman. A shocking number of soldiers in WWII wouldn't fire their weapons or would shoot over the heads of the enemy. There is a basic aversion to killing another human being, and the military had to rework its training programs, e.g., by using pop up targets that look like enemy soldiers. The kill rate went way up in Vietnam, and now that the military is all volunteer, it's the best it's ever been. Anyway, Grossman says that in the military there is a very small percentage who are natural killers, most of them in the commando and elite units. Thank God we have men like that who will do what has to be done. Some of the pansy types who get their news from MSNBC wring their hands, that men like Chris Kyle are brutes. Well, when the shit hits the fan, would you rather be with Kyle, or Chris Myers, Rachel Maddow or Chris "I get a tingle up my leg for Obama"?

A final thought: if some overweight cop wants to play SEAL or Delta Force, he should join up and go through the training and culling process.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura

I see where a judge has ruled that Jesse Ventura's libel suit can go forward against Kyle's estate. The judge made the right legal decision. However, Ventura is a worm. Kyle saved hundreds of American troops from death or maiming by killing the insurgents planning ambushes and planting IED's. He did four almost back to back tours in Iraq in some of the worst hellholes, including Fallujah. Then he gets out of the Navy and volunteers to help other vets. A nut job killed Kyle and a friend at a gun range.

Chris Kyle was a hard, dangerous man, almost like some mythic figure from a Hollywood movie. The kind of man that puts his life on the line every day to protect this country. He left a wife and two small children, and doofus Ventura is so sleazy he sues Kyle's estate, which is really his family.

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Thoughts on Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman

If Trayvon Martin had been white no one would have ever heard about this case. Same thing if Zimmerman had been black. As many have pointed out, dozens of young blacks get shot by other blacks in Obama's hometown Chicago every week and Obama, Sharpton and Jackson say nothing.

Martin was not the little darling the main stream media tried to sell. He may have had the right to feel insulted or harassed by Zimmerman, but no one has the right to sucker punch someone who is not being aggressive.

I've been accosted by thugs, both black and white, especially when I lived in Houston. I've pulled a gun on someone once in my life, and that involved a 6'3" white man high on cocaine or meth who had me backed into a corner. I'm glad I didn't have to shoot, but I would have.

Anyone who is going to carry a pistol should do not only the CHL class, but also take in depth lessons on handling a firearm, and equally important, conflict resolution. The number one rule is - be situationally aware, and avoid places and situations where you can be put into a position of having to make that fateful decision.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lessons Learned from George Zimmerman Trial

Count me as one who is pleased that the jury acquitted George Zimmerman. He was only indicted because of the mob led by the liberal media and the race baiters like the "reverend" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It's now come out that Obama's Dept. of Justice sent a team of "community organizers" to Florida to agitate for Zimmerman's indictment. How many thousands of dollars did the trial cost the taxpayers?

Trayvon Martin's death is a tragedy that will haunt George Zimmerman to his grave.Zimmerman shouldn't have followed Martin. I imagine what happened was something like this - Martin, 17 years old and full of testosterone, got mad that a "creepy ass cracker," as he called Zimmerman, was following him, then sucker punched him, knocking him down. Then he straddled him, and beat him "MMA" style. Martin was a head taller, younger, and in better shape than Zimmerman. That's what the evidence showed. Unfortunately for Martin, Zimmerman had a pistol.

Zimmerman forgot some of the key rules they teach in the concealed handgun license classes. Having a CHL and pistol does not make you a cop. Stay out of areas and situations where you may be attacked. Be award of your surroundings. Once you pull the trigger, your life changes forever.

Zimmerman's lawyers did a great job, with the national media (would someone put a gag on Nancy Grace?) leading the howling lynch mob.