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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura

I see where a judge has ruled that Jesse Ventura's libel suit can go forward against Kyle's estate. The judge made the right legal decision. However, Ventura is a worm. Kyle saved hundreds of American troops from death or maiming by killing the insurgents planning ambushes and planting IED's. He did four almost back to back tours in Iraq in some of the worst hellholes, including Fallujah. Then he gets out of the Navy and volunteers to help other vets. A nut job killed Kyle and a friend at a gun range.

Chris Kyle was a hard, dangerous man, almost like some mythic figure from a Hollywood movie. The kind of man that puts his life on the line every day to protect this country. He left a wife and two small children, and doofus Ventura is so sleazy he sues Kyle's estate, which is really his family.


  1. At what point to soldiers, like Kyle, become mercenaries? The armed forces in America now have an economic draft, and recruit accordingly, by pitching the job of soldier as a career.

    This environment attracts glory seekers / paid killers like Kyle. The conflict in Iraq was predicated on lies and it has been a complete and total disaster. Just look what is going on in Iraq today. The people of Iraq suffered greatly because of this war, as did many innocent, naive soldiers who bought in to the idea that America was in danger and they were protecting the homeland. I do not put Kyle in this category.

  2. Chris Kyle probably acted with noble intentions when he put himself in juxtaposition with guns and a fellow vet who was suffering from substance abuse and depressions. This is ALWAYS a mistake unless one is a trained, mental health expert.

    There is a group in America that tends to gravitate towards a default position that guns or more guns are a solution to almost any problem. I don't know Kyle's state of mind when he put himself in this position, but he certainly was smack dab in the middle of American gun culture.

    Kyle's killer, Eddie Ray Routh may have been also suffering from PTSD.

    The psychedelic drug Ecstasy has been has been tested and shows great promise for treating PTSD patients. It seems the "blissed out" Ecstasy experience, can help patients deal with PTSD.

    Here is a link to an article on point:


    Good quality dope administered under clinical conditions shows promise, while exposure to guns and more guns has never been shown to an effective way to deal with PTSD, depression or substance abuse.

  3. Kyle is not an American hero. The real heroes opposed that war in the streets of America. Kyle was an advocate, prosecutor and profiteer of a war of aggression, based upon lies. It is true the Fox news crowd holds him up as a hero, but it is also true this crowd is generally ignorant of the facts surrounding the lead up and aftermath of the Iraq war. If you don't believe this, just ask one of the Kyle supporters who the President of Iraq is and see if they know the answer. Kerrvillites suck up the propaganda and very rarely engage in any deep reading.

    If you are looking for a modern day American Hero, consider Edward Snowden.