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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lessons Learned from George Zimmerman Trial

Count me as one who is pleased that the jury acquitted George Zimmerman. He was only indicted because of the mob led by the liberal media and the race baiters like the "reverend" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It's now come out that Obama's Dept. of Justice sent a team of "community organizers" to Florida to agitate for Zimmerman's indictment. How many thousands of dollars did the trial cost the taxpayers?

Trayvon Martin's death is a tragedy that will haunt George Zimmerman to his grave.Zimmerman shouldn't have followed Martin. I imagine what happened was something like this - Martin, 17 years old and full of testosterone, got mad that a "creepy ass cracker," as he called Zimmerman, was following him, then sucker punched him, knocking him down. Then he straddled him, and beat him "MMA" style. Martin was a head taller, younger, and in better shape than Zimmerman. That's what the evidence showed. Unfortunately for Martin, Zimmerman had a pistol.

Zimmerman forgot some of the key rules they teach in the concealed handgun license classes. Having a CHL and pistol does not make you a cop. Stay out of areas and situations where you may be attacked. Be award of your surroundings. Once you pull the trigger, your life changes forever.

Zimmerman's lawyers did a great job, with the national media (would someone put a gag on Nancy Grace?) leading the howling lynch mob.

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  1. My impression of the George Zimmerman trial is quite different. I see it as the Deron Belford rape case in reverse. The prosecutors knew, or should have known there was no case there, but the momentum created by race caused the case to go to trial.