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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Drug War Follies; Operation Lively Green - Border Patrol and Active Duty U.S. Military Working With Cartels

The American people really don't know how bad the "war on drugs" is going and how it has corrupted elements of law enforcement and even the military. I only know about a federal operation called Operation Lively Green because I read about it in an article by Brenda Norrell in Narcosphere, excerpted here:

Arizona Border: Mainstream media clueless 

This is the latest in a series of developments on the border in southeast Arizona that the national media has largely ignored. The most censored issue remains the fact that US Border Patrol agents are running drugs.
Sheriff and US Border Patrol agents murdered
Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever was killed in a mysterious car crash on the other end of the state, near Flagstaff, in September 2012. The first police to arrive at the scene gave conflicting reports of what had happened in the single vehicle crash.
Then, two weeks later, US Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie -- remembered for carrying a pregnant migrant woman to safety -- was shot and killed by fellow Border Patrol agents near Naco in Cochise County. 
The agents involved were assigned to the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station in Naco. Terry was killed near Naco by one of the US weapons that the US ATF allowed to "walk" into Mexico in its Operation  Fast and Furious. Terry's death led to wide exposure of the ATF scheme of allowing assault weapons to flow to drug cartels in Mexico. The gunwalking scheme began on the Texas border in 2005, according to US Justice Department documents.

FBI yanks agent from corruption sting case

An FBI agent in one of the bureau’s most celebrated corruption stings was tossed from the case after federal prosecutors learned that the agent and other investigators apparently tried to cover up misconduct by informers, including the sexual abuse of an unconscious prostitute in a Las Vegas hotel.
In official reports, FBI agents failed to disclose allegedly criminal acts and the destruction of evidence by informers, then withheld that information from federal prosecutors for more than a year, according to a military court document obtained by The Arizona Republic.
The incident occurred in the midst of Operation Lively Green, a four-year undercover sting that so far has led to the conviction of 69 military personnel, prison guards, law enforcement employees and other public servants who accepted bribes to help smuggle Mexican cocaine through Arizona.

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