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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zetas Money Laundering Case in Austin

Two Arrested Attempting to Bribe Judge in Zetas Money Laundering Case
"Two men are facing charges of conspiracy to bribe a public official after authorities said they attempted to offer more than $1 million to the Austin federal judge presiding over the sentencings of nearly 20 people convicted in a multimillion-dollar money laundering operation led by the deadly Zetas cartel."
Federal agents busted the attempted bribers in a parking lot after the sentencing hearing. The Mexican cartels are not just in Mexico. They are here.

Car burglary victim sentenced for manslaughter
A San Antonio man who beat to death a drug addict four years ago after the addict tried to sell him his own stolen car stereo was sentenced Monday to 18 years in prison.

Ryan Christopher Salame, 29, was originally charged with murder in the March 2009 slaying of Martin Ruiz, 41, outside Salame's Alazán-Apache Courts apartment on the West Side. He took a plea in July for a reduced charge of manslaughter and a promise that prosecutors would ask for no more than 18 years.

The San Antonio Express needs to work on its headlines. Check this out:
Downtown standoff ends 'peacefully' after nine hours

A San Antonio police officer was in stable condition late Monday after being shot in the head by a man who then locked himself in a downtown motel room for nine hours before surrendering to police, officials said.

The officer, Aaron Terrazas, 34, an eight-year veteran of the department, was recovering in the intensive care unit at San Antonio Military Medical Center.
I hope the officer fully and quickly recovers.

Former Harris deputy constable charged with official oppression
A former Harris County deputy constable has been charged with official oppression in a 2011 incident where a man said he was held down and kicked, authorities said.
Don't take the victim's word for it. Watch the patrol car video. "A dash-cam video from one of the patrol cars at the scene shows Scherz being held to the ground. A constable identified as Drummond could be seen on the video kicking him several times in the rib. The stop, outside Scherz's home in the 17000 block of Ridge Top Drive, led to his entire family being arrested and jailed."
Harris County needs to be sued and nailed for a couple of million for this one.

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  1. Yes, the Mexican Cartels are here. One must look at the judicial system through this lens, as bribing and corrupting police and judges are the lifeblood of the Cartels. For example, if one "special" cop makes one cash seizure after another, one must ask: where is he getting his information and what is he giving in return?