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Monday, October 7, 2013

When will Obama speak out on the New York black motorcycle gang?

The New York Post has an article about the motorcycle thugs who attacked the family in New York last week. It starts:

Biker in SUV assault caught prison break from soft judge
"The motor psycho charged with starting the biker-mob attack that left a young Manhattan dad beaten to a pulp flipped off photographers in court Sunday — as it emerged that earlier this year, he caught a break from a judge.
Career criminal Reginald Chance, 37, extended both middle fingers as he was hauled into Manhattan Criminal Court on gang-assault and other charges tied to the Sept. 29 beatdown of Alexian Lien."
Chance and several of his fellow thugs are black; the young family they attacked are Asian. Question: will Obama say anything about hate crimes in this case?
New York has the toughest gun laws in the country. It pretty much leaves law abiding citizens at the mercy of career criminals.


  1. I passed through your town last Sunday, and I stopped for breakfast. While enjoying a good meal I wasted $1.50 on the Kerrville Daily Times weekend edition. The featured stories were about a exhibit of cowboy cartoons at the Museum of Western Art and a piece about some arrests and a man getting 30 years for a delivery of a small amount of cocaine.

    The only thing changing in that wretched little village is the Hispanic population. It will not be long until Hispanics control Kerr County and this will certainly be an improvement.

  2. Here is an interesting story: