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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ken Anderson out of jail after 4 days, more NYC absurdity

Is this some kind of joke?

Ex-prosecutor Ken Anderson released from jail after 4 days
GEORGETOWN, Texas (AP) — A former Texas prosecutor is out of jail after serving less than half of a 10-day sentence for his role in sending an innocent man to prison for nearly 25 years.
Ken Anderson was released from the Williamson County Jail in Georgetown on Friday.
That was four days after he was booked for criminal contempt of court in the wrongful conviction of Michael Morton for the fatal 1986 beating of Morton's wife.

Ex-Marine, police officer - What comes to mind when you hear those words? A hero? Not everyone who serves in the military and not every cop is a hero, or even a "good guy." Consider this from Borderland Beat:
Ex-Texas Police Officer Kidnapped and Killed Mayor's Father for CDG
On September 25, 2013, the father of mayor Jorge Luis Martínez Gutiérrez was home in the city of Zuazua, a suburb of Monterrey, when he was confronted and kidnapped by armed members of a kidnapping gang working for the Golfo Cartel (CDG).
Authorities and the family had contact with Martinez during the time he was being held, the family gave in to ransom demands, but the 70 year old was killed by his captors.... A total of 16 suspects in a kidnapping ring were arrested in connection of kidnappings and murders dating back to 2009 in the states of ; Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas, among the 30 was Luis Ricardo Gonzales Garcia, the leader of the kidnapping gang.
Gonzales is a former Texas police officer and former US marine, whose moniker is “el Matute” which translates to “cop”. Gonzales is known to use the alias Javier Aguirre Cardenas. He was arrested in a wealthy suburb of Monterrey, and carrying a 9mm when apprehended.
Though US authorities have not complied with requests by media to confirm or deny Gonzales history, Mexican authorities have confirmed;
He served with the US marines from 1998-2002.
Her worked as a Texas police officer from 2002-2009

I like visiting New York City but there's no way in hell I'd live there. I thought the crime rates had been pushed down and it was much safer there now, but the recent stories coming out of there - the black motorcycle gang beating the Asian American couple, the black thugs playing 'knock out the jew,' and now this latest story, about a pack of skateboarders beating a store owner:

Pack Of Skateboarders Attack Lower East Side Store Owner
Son: Victim Zhen Dan Guo Needs Reconstructive Surgery On HIs Face

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A pack of skateboarders savagely attacked a Lower East Side store owner when he confronted them about shoplifting, police said.

As CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported, surveillance video shows the four suspects with skateboards bombarding the Eastern Supermarket last Friday.

They were allegedly stealing sodas out of a cooler. After Zhen Dan Guo followed them outside to demand they pay, a scuffle broke out. The suspects then used their skateboards as weapons.

Guo’s son, Linbin, shared photos with Carrasco of his father’s injuries after he was badly beaten, but the images were too graphic to be shown.

“The bone, it cracked in his nose,” Lin Bin said as he described one of the injuries seen in the pictures.

Doctors said Guo will need four titanium plates inserted in his face.

If these punks tried it in Texas they wouldn't last two days before someone shot them dead, and no jury would convict the shooter. And where is the outrage that the Trayvon Martin case generated?

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