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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Dumbest Criminal - Don't rob a gun store with just a baseball bat; Kerrville - Meth Capital of Central Texas; Dallas Judge busted for choking girlfriend

America's Dumbest Criminal 2013

Beaverton, Oregon
Sheriff's deputies say Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales on Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway around 4 p.m. Thursday with a bat in hand and smashed a display case.

But they say when Mosley tried to steal a gun, the store manager simply pulled out his own personal firearm and pointed it straight at the would-be-robber. The manager then yelled some orders at the guy and got him to drop the baseball bat, the gun he had tried to take and a nine-inch long knife he had on him.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, they found Mosley on the floor being held at gunpoint by the manager. They handcuffed Mosley on the spot and took him into custody on charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree theft, unlawful possession of a firearm and second-degree criminal mischief. Bail was set at $250,000.
Read full story at http://www.katu.com/news/local/Guy-brings-a-baseball-bat-to-rob-a-gun-store-fails-miserably-217054401.html

State District Judge Carlos Cortez arrested on assault charge at his Dallas apartment

The charge against Cortez, a civil court judge, is a third degree felony, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.
Cortez, a Democrat, was first elected in 2006. He is up for re-election next year.
He filed a defamation suit against Dallas lawyer Randy Johnston in 2010 and has since spent more than $100,000 of campaign funds trying to keep some details of the suit sealed. The Dallas Morning News has previously reported that some of the documents seem to pertain to the use of drugs and prostitutes. Cortez denies them, the News reported.

Kerrville - Meth Capital of Central Texas!!

The Kerrville Daily Times has discovered that we have a meth problem in our fair city. It is running a three part series, that reports that criminals don't need expensive labs and can cook meth in their own homes products they buy at the local supermarket!!

I like a comment someone posted on this site so much that I'm reprinting it here:

Friday, December 27, 2013

South Texas: Corruption as Usual; Feds Charge White Thug With Hate Crime in Katy, TX "Knockout"; Pastor John Hagee Tells NonChristians to Get Out of USA (Does This Include Jews Like Jesus, Joseph and Mary?)

In Hidalgo County, more corruption charges in sheriff's office
and they certainly weren’t deluded money grubbing hucksters like Hagee.
SAN ANTONIO — With one of his top commanders facing federal charges of drug trafficking and money laundering, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño said Friday that he's firing the senior officer and insisted the public can still trust the integrity of the sheriff's office — and the man who leads it.
“There's no sheriff, there's no chief, no law enforcement CEO in the United States or the state of Texas who would tolerate or ignore something like this,” said Treviño, whose department has been scandalized by a wide-ranging federal investigation of corrupt law enforcement officers on the Texas border who took bribes from drug traffickers.

Update on the “Knockout Game”
Texas man charged with hate crime for breaking ‘knockout game’ victim’s jaw- US prosecutors contend Conrad Barrett, 27, who is white, targeted a 79-year-old black man and broke his jaw — and that the attack was caught on cellphone video footage.Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/texas-man-charged-hate-crime-knockout-game-attack-article-1.1559077#ixzz2ogGFlJ7a
I hope the prosecutors crucify this thug. I do question why, when a white punk assaults a black man, the feds jump on it, but have nothing to say about the many documented cases where it’s black thugs attacking white victims.

On this case, why don’t the feds let the State handle it? Under Penal Code 22.04, he can be charged with aggravated injury to an elderly person, a 1st degree felony (5-99 yrs or life).

I know it offends some of the more liberal people who read this blog, but - if I had seen this criminal attack a 79 year old man, I would have done whatever it took to stop it, up to and including using deadly force, which, depending on the threat level, could well be justified. I don't care what race they were - wrong is wrong.

Pastor John Hagee to Non-Christians - Get Out of USA!! http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Pastor-John-Hagee-to-atheists-Get-out-of-U-S-5096331.php

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio pastor has a message to atheists and people who don't celebrate Christmas: “Leave the country” or “Take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears.”
Pastor John Hagee told members of his flock Sunday at Cornerstone Church that “Christmas is under attack in America” because workers who run government offices now greet people with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”
He said that any non-Christians and atheists who didn't believe in Jesus Christ should just leave the country, as the United States was built upon a Christian foundation.
------- I wonder - does this apply to Jesus, Joseph and Mary and all the other Jews?? And who cares what postal clerks say? And for that matter, under Hagee’s regime, Thomas Jefferson and most of the other Founders would have been deported - they were more Deists than Christians, and they certainly weren’t deluded money grubbing hucksters like Hagee.

“America was built by Christian people who believed in the word of God. ... If our belief in God offends you, move,” Hagee said before informing atheists that "we don’t want you and we won’t miss you, I promise you.”

Hagee probably would include Jews in the people he would deport. He has declared on multiple occasions that God sent Adolf Hitler as a "hunter" to kill Jewish people for “disobedience and rebellion.”

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Race Relations in the Age of Obama; Thug Nation; Did the New Orleans Mafia Kill JFK?

White Liberal Guilt
I plead guilty to being one of the thousands of foolish white liberals who ignored all the facts about Obama in 2008 - the Jeremiah Wright hatred of white America, the close friendship with terrorist Bill Ayers, his sheer un-American background and character, his probable homosexuality, and his utter lack of any experience to qualify him for the presidency - and voted for him to expiate for a sense of being born white. I knew I'd made a big mistake when he sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. It just got worse and worse, starting with the World Apology Tour where he bowed and scraped to Muslim dictators and other thugs. Sarah Palin was far better qualified to be commander in chief, and she is a patriot.
Obama has set race relations in this country back by at least 40 years. Whatever guilt I felt about being a white Southerner is long gone, and I doubt that I'm alone. I haven't seen this nation this polarized since the 60's and 70's, during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war. I am very concerned at the turn this country has taken. A creep on MSNBC can say he'd like to urinate and defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth and the lefties have nothing to say about violence against women. But the dude with the ZZ Top beard on Duck Dynasty (which I have never watched) makes a few comments about his views on homosexuals and it's time to light up the bonfire to burn him at the stake.
The left wanted to crucify George Zimmerman, but has nothing to say about the violent crimes committed by black thugs. Here are a few examples:

Thugs Who Murdered Lawyer at New Jersey Mall Arrested
All had lengthy criminal records

The New York Daily News reports that four black suspects were arrested for shooting a young lawyer in the head in front of his wife so they could steal their Range Rover. The couple had just finished their Christmas shopping. One of the killers was named Karif, another Harif, presumably brothers. I'm waiting for the president and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to condemn the murder like they did when Trayvon Martin got shot.
New Jersey is one of the states that won't issue CHL licenses to law abiding citizens and restricts the capacity of magazines. I guess it didn't stop Harif and Karif from getting guns.

Here's a story about another bunch of lowlifes who steal cars or purses from women at day cares, cash victims' checks, and steal identities.
They operate all over the country.
Felony Lane Gang Operating in Texas

From NBC 5 Dallas
16 Suspected in Felony Lane Gang Thefts Arrested
Theft ring
Sixteen people suspected of belonging to a Florida-based theft ring that targets women who leave their purses in their cars have been arrested in recent weeks.Plano police made the arrests after doing surveillance work and working with the FBI.The Felony Lane Gang got its name because members try to cash stolen checks in the far lane of bank drive-thrus -- the so-called "felony lane."The group is known to target women who leave their vehicle for a few minutes at places like day cares, committing smash-and-grab burglaries to steal their purses. The thieves then dress up like the women and try to use their stolen ID to cash checks in the farthest drive-thru lane.The break-ins happen fast in broad daylight and, usually, in busy parking lots. Here's a picture of three who were arrested in Florida:

Meanwhile, some genius trying to sell the disaster called Obamacare came up with an ad that shows what Obama and the other radical leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party think appeals to young Americans - Pajama Boy. So there you have it - Obama and his supporters see Pajama Boy as the model for law abiding citizens, and say nothing about thug culture. Here's a good website - Thugreport.com on young urban thugs:

Did Carlos Marcello Order the Hit on JFK?
I'm reading a fascinating book by Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination, that makes a compelling case that Carlos Marcello was responsible for the murder. In 1969 my father was transferred from Natchez, MS to Gretna, LA to work as a manager for Schulmberger Offshore. He learned that one of the dispatchers, a big-bellied, barrel chested coonass - we'll call him Boudreax - was running a bookmaking operation from the company offices. When my dad told him to stop, Boudreax said, "I can have a yo-yo like you knocked off for $500. Ask around about me." My dad did, and learned that Boudreax was a high level bookie for Marcello. My dad went back and asked if they could just forget about it and start over. Boudreax grinned and said sure they could. He added that if my dad ever had a problem with the parish to let him know.
A couple of months later I ran a red light and hit a car with three black people in it. No one was seriously injured but they were ready to milk it for all the insurance money they could get. One of the woman was moaning and groaning about her recent gall bladder surgery. A parish deputy showed up, and I very stupidly admitted that I ran the red light. He was writing the ticket when my dad showed up and asked to speak privately with him. My dad told him that he worked with Boudreax, and the deputy said, "Tell your boy next time don't admit he ran the light," then he tore up the ticket.
I got another insight into Marcello's power when I foolishly mouthed off that instead of killing foreign leaders like the Diems, the CIA should go after Marcello. This was a year or so before I got my ticket fixed courtesy of the Mafia. Anyway, I was riding home from college in a car driven by a red headed Irish kid. We were in the middle of the swamp between Hammond and New Orleans. He pulled over and started yelling, "Carlos Marcello is my uncle, you son of a bitch. I drive a cat for him every summer." He was really wound up, and I apologized and said I obviously didn't know what I was talking about, that his Uncle must be a truly wonderful man, and so on. I didn't want to get the shit beaten out of me and thrown in the swamp. He accepted my apology and gave me a ride on into town. The point is, Marcello ran Louisiana like a feudal kingdom. Nothing moved or got done without him getting his share.
The Kennedy brothers went after Marcello with a vengeance. When they couldn't get him legally, they basically had him kidnapped by INS, flow to Guatemala, and dumped in the middle of a jungle. Marcello, who was well into his 50's, was in his suit and Gucci loafers, stumbling around, falling down ravines, bitten by insects.
Meanwhile, the Kennedys were using the Mafia to try to kill Castro. It all blew up on them. I don't know if Marcello was behind the JFK assassination or not. I do know that the Kennedy boys didn't play by the rules, and believe somene they crossed or tried to whack - Marcello, the CIA, Castro, who knows? - decided they didn't have to play by the rules either.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kerrville's Dumbest Criminal; DHS Helping Drug Cartels

Stupid is as stupid does -
Tattooing minors, then violating probation, then cussing the judge nets 60 year prison term

The San Antonio Express reports on one Raymond Nathaniel Hale, who was on deferred adjudication probation for tattooing two young girls. The actual charge was injury to a minor. Raymond is a frequent flier in the criminal justice system. The Kerr County District Clerk shows at least 20 prior arrests for various crimes - theft, bail jumping, injury to a child or elderly individual, sexual assault of a child, failing to register as a sex offender, and burglary. One thing that I don't understand - why is someone like this not already in prison for about 50 years? If our prosecutors and judges would slam the serious criminals we could cut the crime rate drastically. I bet that 80% of the crimes are committed by 20% of the people who get arrested. One reason so many people (and I'm one of them) move from Houston to Kerrville is to get away from the street crime.

Anyway, Raymond pled guilty a year or so ago to tattooing two young girls on the belly - below the panty line. He was given another chance and placed on deferred adjudication probation. Of course he violated, and yesterday went before Judge Keith Williams. When the judge sentenced him to 50 years, Raymond, who is black, went off on a rant about how the judge was racist. He threw in a few F-words too. Here's a hint for anyone in front of a judge who has your fate in his hands - don't yell and curse at the judge. Raymond's tirade got him an extra 10 years in the Big House.

Federal Judge: DHS Complicit in Human Smuggling That Helps Fund Drug Cartels

A United States federal judge has accused President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of being complicit in helping Mexican drug cartels and felons inside America smuggle illegal aliens into the country.

In a court order he signed on Dec. 13, 2013, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas wrote that four times in the last four weeks he has heard troubling cases involving the DHS’s complicity in helping smuggle people across the border to their final destination.

Friday, December 6, 2013

CHL Holder Ronnie Bock Makes Citizen's Arrest of Thug at Middle School; Thug and His Brother Get Slap on Wrist After Accosting Woman and Assaulting Police

The headline: "Man Pleads Guilty to Biting Officer After Twins Tussle With Police."
This is almost a Keystone Kops story, except people could have been seriously injured.
The Kerrville Daily Times reported on Dec. 3 about two brothers from Ector County, Sean and Shane Muirhead, who, after accosting a woman at the local IHOP, fought with police and tried to bite one of them. The brothers accused the woman of following them and tapping their phones for the FBI. Obviously they were high on some drug. They followed her to her car, screaming at her, then beating on the car trying to get in.

The cops were not in control of the situation, since the first one on scene, Zachary Martin, put them in the back of his patrol car unhandcuffed. When they started trashing the car, the cops tried to pull them out and cuff them. The cops pepper sprayed them (and one of themselves), and the cops ended up rolling around on the ground with one of them, who was trying to bite them. One was injured by the handcuffs flailing around. The other ran across the street and was only prevented from entering Hal Peterson Middle School by a civilian, Ronnie Bock, who made a citizen's arrest. Ronnie is a licensed CHL carrier, and he ran across the road through traffic and pulled his pistol and ordered the thug to the ground. The thug was frothing at the mouth "like a St. Bernard," but he complied.

Attacking and injuring a cop, trying to bite him, and striking him with handcuffs - sounds like aggravated assault to me, which carries a penalty range of 2-20 years. Let's see what the brothers were charged with. Shane Muirhead was indicted for assault on a public servant, a third degree felony, punishment range 2-10 years. Get this - he was allowed to plead guilty and got probation! If the paper is accurate, it's ever better - deferred adjudication, meaning that if he completes his probation the case is dismissed so he will have no conviction on his record.

His brother Sean got an even better deal - he was charged with misdemeanor offenses of resisting arrest, and get this - got time served of 65 days.

What I don't understand is - why didn't the cops push to have these thugs indicted for serious felonies? Why didn't one of the local district attorneys take this to the grand jury? Why did the judges approve these handslap pleas? This whole thing makes absolutely no sense.

Kerrville is a town where a first time, non-violent drug offender can get sent to the pen for years. Meanwhile, we have the case of one Nicole Lee England, who was arrested for the 23rd time in Kerrville this week. Her record includes criminal trespassing, theft by check, shoplifting, resisting arrest. Here's the best one - cruelty to animals for stabbing and strangling a dog. What in the hell is this woman doing loose? Why doesn't one of our three prosecutors charge her as an habitual criminal and send her away for about 25 years?

Getting back to the Muirhead brothers, the only actor in the whole drama who showed any common sense was Ronnie Bock, a civilian, and a real hero. And if you think the cops are going to show up and save you, good luck with that.