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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Race Relations in the Age of Obama; Thug Nation; Did the New Orleans Mafia Kill JFK?

White Liberal Guilt
I plead guilty to being one of the thousands of foolish white liberals who ignored all the facts about Obama in 2008 - the Jeremiah Wright hatred of white America, the close friendship with terrorist Bill Ayers, his sheer un-American background and character, his probable homosexuality, and his utter lack of any experience to qualify him for the presidency - and voted for him to expiate for a sense of being born white. I knew I'd made a big mistake when he sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. It just got worse and worse, starting with the World Apology Tour where he bowed and scraped to Muslim dictators and other thugs. Sarah Palin was far better qualified to be commander in chief, and she is a patriot.
Obama has set race relations in this country back by at least 40 years. Whatever guilt I felt about being a white Southerner is long gone, and I doubt that I'm alone. I haven't seen this nation this polarized since the 60's and 70's, during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war. I am very concerned at the turn this country has taken. A creep on MSNBC can say he'd like to urinate and defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth and the lefties have nothing to say about violence against women. But the dude with the ZZ Top beard on Duck Dynasty (which I have never watched) makes a few comments about his views on homosexuals and it's time to light up the bonfire to burn him at the stake.
The left wanted to crucify George Zimmerman, but has nothing to say about the violent crimes committed by black thugs. Here are a few examples:

Thugs Who Murdered Lawyer at New Jersey Mall Arrested
All had lengthy criminal records

The New York Daily News reports that four black suspects were arrested for shooting a young lawyer in the head in front of his wife so they could steal their Range Rover. The couple had just finished their Christmas shopping. One of the killers was named Karif, another Harif, presumably brothers. I'm waiting for the president and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to condemn the murder like they did when Trayvon Martin got shot.
New Jersey is one of the states that won't issue CHL licenses to law abiding citizens and restricts the capacity of magazines. I guess it didn't stop Harif and Karif from getting guns.

Here's a story about another bunch of lowlifes who steal cars or purses from women at day cares, cash victims' checks, and steal identities.
They operate all over the country.
Felony Lane Gang Operating in Texas

From NBC 5 Dallas
16 Suspected in Felony Lane Gang Thefts Arrested
Theft ring
Sixteen people suspected of belonging to a Florida-based theft ring that targets women who leave their purses in their cars have been arrested in recent weeks.Plano police made the arrests after doing surveillance work and working with the FBI.The Felony Lane Gang got its name because members try to cash stolen checks in the far lane of bank drive-thrus -- the so-called "felony lane."The group is known to target women who leave their vehicle for a few minutes at places like day cares, committing smash-and-grab burglaries to steal their purses. The thieves then dress up like the women and try to use their stolen ID to cash checks in the farthest drive-thru lane.The break-ins happen fast in broad daylight and, usually, in busy parking lots. Here's a picture of three who were arrested in Florida:

Meanwhile, some genius trying to sell the disaster called Obamacare came up with an ad that shows what Obama and the other radical leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party think appeals to young Americans - Pajama Boy. So there you have it - Obama and his supporters see Pajama Boy as the model for law abiding citizens, and say nothing about thug culture. Here's a good website - Thugreport.com on young urban thugs:

Did Carlos Marcello Order the Hit on JFK?
I'm reading a fascinating book by Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination, that makes a compelling case that Carlos Marcello was responsible for the murder. In 1969 my father was transferred from Natchez, MS to Gretna, LA to work as a manager for Schulmberger Offshore. He learned that one of the dispatchers, a big-bellied, barrel chested coonass - we'll call him Boudreax - was running a bookmaking operation from the company offices. When my dad told him to stop, Boudreax said, "I can have a yo-yo like you knocked off for $500. Ask around about me." My dad did, and learned that Boudreax was a high level bookie for Marcello. My dad went back and asked if they could just forget about it and start over. Boudreax grinned and said sure they could. He added that if my dad ever had a problem with the parish to let him know.
A couple of months later I ran a red light and hit a car with three black people in it. No one was seriously injured but they were ready to milk it for all the insurance money they could get. One of the woman was moaning and groaning about her recent gall bladder surgery. A parish deputy showed up, and I very stupidly admitted that I ran the red light. He was writing the ticket when my dad showed up and asked to speak privately with him. My dad told him that he worked with Boudreax, and the deputy said, "Tell your boy next time don't admit he ran the light," then he tore up the ticket.
I got another insight into Marcello's power when I foolishly mouthed off that instead of killing foreign leaders like the Diems, the CIA should go after Marcello. This was a year or so before I got my ticket fixed courtesy of the Mafia. Anyway, I was riding home from college in a car driven by a red headed Irish kid. We were in the middle of the swamp between Hammond and New Orleans. He pulled over and started yelling, "Carlos Marcello is my uncle, you son of a bitch. I drive a cat for him every summer." He was really wound up, and I apologized and said I obviously didn't know what I was talking about, that his Uncle must be a truly wonderful man, and so on. I didn't want to get the shit beaten out of me and thrown in the swamp. He accepted my apology and gave me a ride on into town. The point is, Marcello ran Louisiana like a feudal kingdom. Nothing moved or got done without him getting his share.
The Kennedy brothers went after Marcello with a vengeance. When they couldn't get him legally, they basically had him kidnapped by INS, flow to Guatemala, and dumped in the middle of a jungle. Marcello, who was well into his 50's, was in his suit and Gucci loafers, stumbling around, falling down ravines, bitten by insects.
Meanwhile, the Kennedys were using the Mafia to try to kill Castro. It all blew up on them. I don't know if Marcello was behind the JFK assassination or not. I do know that the Kennedy boys didn't play by the rules, and believe somene they crossed or tried to whack - Marcello, the CIA, Castro, who knows? - decided they didn't have to play by the rules either.


  1. Lawyer Ellison - I have for so long been a fan of yours, but this is too far-out for anyone: You wrote: "Sarah Palin was far better qualified to be commander in chief, and she is a patriot". This referring to Obama. I am upset with Obama, and my friends are the same. But, comparing Palin to Obama like comparing a bologna sandwich to a T-bone steak. Exactly what has he done wrong for the rich folk? What has he done to aggravate the gun heads ( how bout nothing)? What has he done to the Wall Street boys, and the banks, and the money changers of all kinds? If he is not Christian, he sure acts like they do. How can a "right-winger" not be proud of their "boy"? I think he has been all that he could be, that is - ABOLUTELY NOTHING!

  2. I enjoyed your piece about Carlos Marcello, and like the person who posted @ 4:10 PM, I very much have enjoyed reading your blog. Lately I have noticed a regression to the "stock ideas" of the day as espoused by Glenn Beck and Rush (neither of which has a college degree). Missing for this Blog is the well thought out angles on current events and insights into how our local system really works. Jim Rogers, the famous investor, recently said that if you were smart, in 1806 you went to London, in 1906 you went to New York and in 2006 you went to Asia. He never mentioned Texas and for good reason, as the locals seemed to be consumed with reactionary thinking, and are mad about whatever Rush talked about yesterday. You will be hard pressed to find an original thought here. Richard you seem to be falling into this trap, and that is a bad thing as you are so valuable to this community with your creativity.

    Sarah Palin good, Obama Bad (and gay), duck dynasty important, Black Criminal Bad (when was the last time you said anything positive about ANY black person?), and lastly that redneck fantasy of PERSONALLY bustin' a cap on criminal.......We can get this point of view at the barber shop.

  3. Kids, this is your typical Right Wing Conservative. Do you want to grow up to be this misinformed and hateful?

    > Is Barack Obama an Terrorist? By honest definition, no. According to the definition Obama applied to Bush, yes.

    Is Barack Obama a Dictator? He is not a dictator

    Is Barack Obama an Evil Man?
    This is a debatable question. He maybe be cruel and harsh towards other nations, but we have to remember that he doesn't harm his own people. In my opinion however he is evil. So yes.

    Is Barack Obama an illegal? Illegal?. He does a lot of things that go against peoples human rights, if that's what you mean. I doubt he gained power illegally however.

    Is Barack Obama a Urursper and what does that mean?
    Did you mean to say a 'usurper' . A Usurper is a person who wrongfully takes another persons place. Like steals there place in power ranks etc. No Obama is not a usurper. He was voted into power by the people, fairly. Even if people were being kind of stupid when they voted him in.

    Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
    No. As far as I know he is not. Let's keep in mind that you do not need to be a terrorist to be a muslim and you do not need to be a muslim to be a terrorist. It shouldn't matter.

    Is Barack Obama a Traitor?
    A traitor to who? America? Probably not. Does he deceive and destroy people? Yes. *See Edward Snowden.

    Is Barack Obama a Disgrace to America? Yes, but then again so was George Bush, Bill Clinton etc, etc, etc.

    Is Barack Obama a Marxist?
    Nope. Not at all. While Marxism promoted equality, and the self development of ones own country. Obama tends to promote the destruction of other countries instead of the development of his own.

    Is Barack Obama a Communist?
    Haha No ways. Haha. Have you seen what he drives. Have you seen what you drive. Although, I do believe that America would be much better off with a communist government.

    Does Barack Obama hate America?

    Is Barack Obama destroying America?
    He has done a crappy job, but he didn't destroy this country. It was already in the shits when he became President. As much as most people dislike him as a leader, he can not be impeached if he does not violate any policies. NO LEGAL grounds exist, you want him gone because he's black!

    Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
    Hahaha No. Hahahaha He has a wife. Hahahaha what a weird question. Besides it shouldn't matter. It isn't like it would effect his leadership qualities or anything.

    Is Barack Obama a Racist?
    No. Doubt it.

    I'd like to also point out to some people that questioning authority doesn't make you a conservative. And it doesn't make you right winged either. If anything it makes you more liberal. And LESS foolish.

    I knew It would happen. Race Relations have tanked under President Obama. I knew this would happen. What I should have figured is the racist right who constantly try to blame the damages to race relations THEY caused on President Obama.

    Which is both disgusting, hypocritical, and ignorant! Obama makes one comment about some slain black teen and he’s a racist. Yet for five years, one party have written, said, and started the most racist, bigoted rants against the First Black President, and somehow you still have to galls to call yourself respectful patriots?!?! Please!

    Black Hate Crimes Against Whites? Black people rioting around America? Been going on since before Obama was born so He is not to blame and I haven't heard anyone blame him, there is plenty wrong with the Government that what others do is of no consequence.

    He never had an apology tour, and if he had, it does not amount to a high crime or misdemeanor.

    The only thing that Barack is revealing is just how racist you guys
    are! You people are nothing but a bunch of Xenophobic Uber Right Wing
    Racists who hate the fact that a black man is in the white house!

  4. I agree with you totally Richard on Obama. Don't let these worshippers of the anti American black president change your mind. Hang in there and keep up the good work.

  5. "anti American black president"...that says it all, doesn't it?

    Richard we don't need people fanning the flames of racism in Kerrville because Kerrville is a hard core racist town in the first place. Remember the Deron Belford trial? Remember when Hagi built the restaurant with the gold dome and the KTD published all the racist letters? Remember 911 and the verbal and non verbal attacks on Fred? Remember the historical society that omits the contributions of Hispanics. Remember the segregated churches? It goes on and on and on and on.

    Kerrville is a small town in Texas, and all that implies. Why do you chose to go down this road and waste your talent inflaming a bunch of ignorant rednecks?


  6. Kerrville, compared to other Hill Country small towns, really is pretty “crummy” from a tourist’s or visitor’s stand-point. Sunday's Kerrville Daily Times (the week-end, Holliday Edition, front page) tells it all. But first I remember that Bandera declares that it is the "Cowboy Capital of the World" – sounds like a good place to spend the day and spend some money. Comfort is choke full of Antique shops – also sounds like a good place to spend the day and spend some money. Fredericksburg sells itself as a neat little German town that has great restaurants, many gift shops and a lot of happy tourists. Hunt is one of the most beautiful places in Texas. And now, thanks to the KDT, Kerrville is known for its colossal methamphetamine dope problem, and at least a hundred outstanding Felony warrants for alleged criminals of all sorts. Should we call Kerrville the Meth Capital of Central Texas? How bout “Kerrville – Crime City”? If I were just driving through or visiting family and friends for the Holidays, I don't think I would stop if I saw the Kerrville Daily Times, Dec 28-29 edition? What a horrible image that paper gave to Kerrville. Who would want to damage a town so badly? And as usual, Rusty is in the middle of it all trying to boost the size of the Sheriff's Department (justify increasing his own salary). This town needs saving. This town does not need good people leaving. “If you don’t like it, fix it – don’t leave it?” Just noticed that in the same KDT edition and just adjacent to the front page mug shots of 38 meth heads, is an article that reveals that a recent report by Medicare has ranked Peterson Medical Center as one of the nation’s worst hospitals for joint replacement. Well all of that might be true, but is easily out weighed by the - oh so inviting – GIANT IRON CROSS!