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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Andy Murr for State Rep; The Problem of Habitual Criminals; Wendy Davis Gets Caught Lying, and Other Stories

Wendy Davis - Gold Digger
The truth is coming out about Wendy Davis and it ain't pretty. Breitbart has one of the best articles here. She is the national darling of the Dems, sort of where Obama was a few years ago (another fairy tale). She peddles a rags to riches Horatio Alger story - her mother only had a 6th grade education (hell, even Billy Joe Shaver got through 8th grade), she got pregnant and  was a single mom living in a trailer park but worked her way through college and on into Harvard Law, and so on. Now that she has an opponent in Greg Abbott with the resources to investigate and get the truth out, we learn that she lived in a trailer for a few months before re-marrying a man with the bucks to pay her way through college and law school, and as soon as she graduated she dumped him. I'm even reading she lost custody of her kids, which takes some doing.
 If only some one had exposed Obama at this stage of his career. Oh yeah, they did, and there were enough white "progressives" who felt guilty about being mean to blacks to vote him in. I know, because I was one of the benighted, to my everlasting remorse.

Closer to home, Andy Murr from Junction is running in the Republican primary for state representative for District 53 (Harvey Hilderbran's old seat). He's a good man and the best candidate in his own right, and he's also the grandson of Governor Coke Stephenson, who ran against Lyndon Johnson and won the election for Senate in 1948 until LBJ's thugs stuffed Ballot Box 13 in Duvall County. Andy was county judge in Kimble County and all I've heard about him is positive.

Three Time Ex-Con With 30+ Arrests Strikes Again
Kerrville Daily Times
"A three-time ex-con convicted of five vehicle burglaries was arrested for the 33rd time in Kerr County this week after sheriff’s deputies said he stole a credit card out of a vehicle and used the card at Wal-Mart.
On Monday, someone reported a credit credit stolen from a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Oakview Drive just east of Ingram. After the credit card was used at Wal-Mart, Investigator Clint Massingill worked with the Ingram City Marshal’s Office to locate a suspect. Officers found 38-year-old Herman Ray Henley Jr. at a home in Ingram, and the man confessed to the crime, according to Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer."

Question: Why do prosecutors and judges keep releasing career thugs onto the streets so they can steal and rob again?

Decades-old case linked to Galveston Co. 'killing fields' - Houston Chronicle

The so-called "killing fields" of Galveston County, where a string of unsolved brutal slayings inspired a movie as well as the volunteer organization Texas Equusearch, are being linked through court documents to another decades-old case.
Clyde Hedrick, 60, is awaiting trial on a murder charge in the July 1984 death of Ellen Rae Beason, who was last seen alive at a League City nightclub. An undetermined number of other women - perhaps dozens - have either disappeared or been killed in the Houston-Galveston area with no leads about their attackers, investigators have said. Another statement in the prosecution's document lists incidents of enticing a child, criminal trespass, driving while intoxicated, terroristic threat, evading arrest, assault, possession of a controlled substance, theft, abuse of a corpse, criminal mischief, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempted arson, assault and battery.

 Man Assaulted by Bikers to Sue NYC

Alexian Lien, the man who was dragged from his SUV and beaten by a gang of motorcyclists in Manhattan last year, has filed a formal notice of claim against the city of New York, saying he intends to sue. The claim accuses the NYPD of failing to properly train officers. An off-duty police detective was among the bikers who chased Lien and his family in the SUV down the West Side Highway. 

Ex-Cop’s Shooting of Texting Moviegoer End in Tragedy - from Newsweek

A young man took his wife to a movie in Tampa. Before the movie started, and nothing was playing except ads, he texted the babysitter for their three year old daughter. A retired cop, 6'1 and 225 lbs., took offense at the texting, words were exchanged, the father allegedly threw a bag of popcorn at the ex-cop, who then shot the father in the chest and killed him. I hope the shooter spends the rest of his miserable life in the Big House.

Man Kills Home Intruder with AK-47

Breitbart On January 2, a Davie, Florida resident was able to gain control of his AK-47 and open fire on home intruders while they were attacking him. One of the intruders was killed and two others are on the run.

Why I Wouldn't Live in California

Calinfornia's New Transexual Bathroom Law
The Washington Times has a good editorial on California's latest idiotic law - Lunacy in the loo - Unisex Radicals feel a backlash against this child abuse.
"When nature calls, California answers unnaturally. The state’s new “bathroom law” for children took effect last week, to eliminate the remaining modesty between the sexes. This is a California trend worthy of resisting, and the bathroom backlash has begun.
The Washington Times has a good editorial today -

The School Success and Opportunity Act is a first-of-its-kind transsexual rule, which would allow kindergarteners to choose whether to use the little boys’ or little girls’ room, based on their personal preference. The measure would enable a high school boy to join the girls’ soccer team, or a high school girl to try out for the boys’ football team."
A reader posted a comment that pretty well sums it up:
There isn't a word sufficient to describe what the Progressive sociopaths in Sacramento are doing to the state of California. What took the human race thousands of years to refine is being unwound in a matter of decades by a group of pseudo-intellectual cretins bent on destroying the common underpinnings of western society. Differentiation between tolerance and the deification of every conceivable deviation from the norm is not only lost upon them, but will ultimately be their undoing as well as that of the state and the millions of families drawn into this morass of unbridled stupidity.

Former U.S. District Judge Sent Hundreds Of Bigoted Emails Throughout Tenure 
"HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A former federal judge who was investigated for forwarding a racist email involving President Barack Obama sent hundreds of other inappropriate messages from his federal email account, according to the findings of a judicial review panel released Friday.
Former U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sent emails to personal and professional contacts that showed disdain for blacks, Indians, Hispanics, women, certain religious faiths, liberal political leaders, and some emails contained inappropriate jokes about sexual orientation, the Judicial Council of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found.
The investigation looked at four years of Cebull's personal correspondence sent from his official email account."
Lesson learned: Don't put anything in writing you don't want to see in a courtroom or the front page of the paper. Especially on your employer's computer.

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