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Friday, January 3, 2014

Border Patrol agent charged with murder; America's Dumbest Criminal # 1 Contestant; The Meth Menace in Kerrville

Border Patrol agent suspected in Hondo killing
SAN ANTONIO — A U.S. Border Patrol agent has been arrested near Hondo, accused of killing a man there Thursday, according to media reports.

Adam Garibay, 33, is also suspected of tying up and beating a 28-year old woman in Corpus Christi, earlier in the day.

Border Patrol officials told the San Antonio Express-News Thursday evening that they were referring questions about the incidents to local law enforcement.

Police in Corpus Christi told KIII TV that following the shooting just north of Hondo, Garibay led Medina County deputies on a chase to Sabinal, where he crashed his vehicle. He was taken to an area hospital, they station reported.

America's Dumbest Criminal 2014 - Contestant # 1


Denitra Sharrell Green (picture above) is charged with aggravated assault in connection with stealing two tickets to a Jay-Z concert in Houston.
A Houston man trying to sell Jay-Z concert tickets was robbed, run over and permanently disfigured by a pair of women who had a child with them, according to Harris County court documents.

Officials said finding the women was as easy as checking the stolen tickets for a seat number and going to the concert. The victim had eight tickets to the rapper's Dec. 19 show at the Toyota Center that he was selling on Craigslist.

Documents show that on Dec. 15, he met with two prospective buyers, Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Darden, at a Starbucks location in the 1800 block of Durham.

Darden told the man over the phone that she had a child with her, couldn't leave her vehicle and needed to meet in the parking lot, records state.

When the man approached the car, the pair allegedly snatched the tickets from his hand. Court documents state that Green drove off with the man still holding on to the vehicle, where Darden's child was in the backseat.

Kerrville Daily Times wrapped up its week long series on the menace of methamphetamine, which it strangely decided to run over the Christmas-New Year holiday. Today's installment is "Meth: What's the answer? Local leaders discuss solutions to growing community problem." The title of today's editorial pretty well sums it up: "A story without a happy ending." The clarion call is sounded: "meth is a clear and present danger in our community, society and nation." But the conclusion is - there's not much we can do about it.

This series would really make me want to move to Kerrville.


  1. Meth is just the latest buzz word in the war on drugs. The meth publicity is designed to create fear in the populace, so that they can be convinced to put up more money to fund Rusty's empire. Without fear, Rusty's world contracts. It is all about money. ALCOHOL causes more destruction than all illegal drugs put together. If one really wants to make a move in the right direction, consider the Portugal model.

  2. Another year has passed and now the facts and statistics from 2013 are being reported. I can say with great confidence that 2013 was a year of Liberal Triumph!

    Through a super human effort, I listen to Rush and Glenn from time to time and the common theme from the last year was the condition of Chicago and how it was spiraling into an apocalyptic crime wave under liberal governance This propaganda was parroted in this blog as well as others. Now the facts are in and it is clear that Chicago had a substantial reduction in crime in 2013, across the board, with homicides down 18%, while crime in conservative Kerrville spiraled out of control with meth and murder.

    Rush and the other talk radio propagandists are lying to the congregation, but just like Hagee’s flock, they will never admit or believe it. It is just too painful.

    Why is it the conservative centers of America tend to be total crime infested ****holes, such has Hobbs, Albuquerque, Kerrville, Morgan City, Beaumont…..etc., and the liberal centers are all beautiful, highly educated with great public infrastructure, such as Santa Fe, Ann Arbor, San Francisco, Aspen, Santa Monica…etc?