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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phillip Marlowe on Small Town Corruption; Bar Investigates Former Burleson Co. DA; Juarez Cartel Trial

"Whatever I might say would be my word against the law, and the law in this town seems pretty rotten."
"It's a nice town," she said sharply, a little breathlessly. "You can't judge --"
"Okey, it's a nice town. So is Chicago. You could live there a long time and not see a Tommygun. Sure, it's a nice town. But you can only buy a piece of a big city. You can buy a town this size all complete, with the original box and tissue paper. That's the difference. And that makes me want out."
Phillip Marlow, in Farewell My Lovely, by Raymond Chandler.

State Bar Opens Investigation Into Prosecutor
The State Bar of Texas has opened an investigation into Charles Sebesta, the former Burleson County District Attorney who prosecuted death row exoneree Anthony Graves. Graves spent 18 years behind bars — 12 of them on death row, where he twice neared execution — before the U.S. 5th Circuit of Appeals overturned his conviction in 2006, ruling that Sebesta had used false testimony and withheld favorable evidence in the case.

The Juarez Cartel Goes on Trial in El Paso

 The widely published findings of an investigation by the Mexican daily newspaper El Universal showed that agents from the DEA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office coordinated with top leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel to inflict damage on rivals like the Juarez Cartel.

Judge says prosecutors should follow the law. Prosecutors revolt.

From Washington Post. The fact that misbehaving prosecutors are rarely sanctioned or disciplined. Recently (or perhaps the better word is finally), some judges have begun to speak out about the problem including, most notably, Alex Kozinski, the influential judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.
Late last year, South Carolina State Supreme Court Justice Donald Beatty joined Kozinski. At a state solicitors’ convention in Myrtle Beach, Beatty cautioned that prosecutors in the state have been “getting away with too much for too long.” He added, “The court will no longer overlook unethical conduct, such as witness tampering, selective and retaliatory prosecutions, perjury and suppression of evidence. You better follow the rules or we are coming after you and will make an example. The pendulum has been swinging in the wrong direction for too long and now it’s going in the other direction. Your bar licenses will be in jeopardy. We will take your license.”

Reputed Deputy For 'El Chapo' Drug Kingpin Will Go To Trial In Chicago

From Huffington Post CHICAGO (AP) — A reputed lieutenant of recently captured drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman abruptly reversed his plans to plead guilty Friday to federal trafficking charges, a move made out of fear for the lives of his wife and children in Mexico, according to his attorney.
Alfredo Vasquez Hernandez, who has been in U.S. custody since 2012, had been scheduled to change his plea to guilty in federal court in Chicago. But his attorney, Paul Brayman, told a judge that Hernandez decided to go to trial as originally planned after a Chicago television news report that Brayman says fed rumors in Mexico that his client "had turned against Guzman."

Forthcoming Glenn Beck film will “expose the truth” about Thomas Edison
The father of electricity "was really a bad man who was electrocuting animals,” the former Fox News host said

EXCLUSIVE--Tammy Bruce: War on Boys Attempt to 'Create Society of Frightened People'

From  Breitbart: There is a culture through the left that wants to emasculate the nation as a whole. It's through the military, of course, you see Obama trying to do that, as well. We see it through what's happening in education. Political correctness itself was meant to end the notion that we could have direct conversations, that we could be ambitious, that we could be our own people. Men are seen, of course, by the feminist movement and by the left who are led by the same individuals as those with the feminist-movement mentality. And they see the best way to emasculate the nation--certainly to cut it off at its knees--is to start with the children. And the biggest threat there are little boys.
If you can change the mentality of little boys, train them from an early age to not be who they are--and that's, of course, what the left's general attitude is for everyone in this country... Ironically, I think the most difficult people to train in that way are little boys.


  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published it's list of American hate groups, and Texas came in 3rd with 57 different groups. San Antonio did not have any, but Kerrville has one, called the White Network:


    How is it that San Antonio, with a population of 1.3 million has no hate groups, but little Kerrville with only 25,000 has a recognized hate group? I think I know the answer, and it lies in the local instituions, like First United Methodist Church, the Historical Commission as well as others.

  2. The White Network is an active organization with a sophisticated webiste / blog, and receives many more comments than this web site. Here is a quote from a posting today: "If Immigration Reform Passes, Organize The Death Squads For The People Who Wrecked America". How is it the Jesus loving, righteous folks of this town do not speak out against this group? They will speak out against drugs, east coast values, homosexuality…etc., with a vengeance, however, the moral ones seem to be silent to this local cancer.