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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not too crazy to be a judge; San Antonio lawyer disbarred for bribing judge; Facebook foolishness

Chicago Judge wants back on bench after insanity ruling
For the first time in Illinois, attorneys on the case say, a judicial disciplinary panel has begun tackling the question of whether a judge whose psychotic episodes can apparently be controlled through medication should be allowed to return to the bench.

Judge Cynthia Brim, 55, testified before the Illinois Courts Commission for more than two hours on Friday in a bid to save her $182,000-a-year job. The seven-member panel – made up of judges from outside of Cook County as well as two citizens – will later issue a written decision.

Brim was found not guilty of misdemeanor battery by reason of insanity last year for shoving a sheriff’s deputy outside the Daley Center during a manic episode in March 2012. A day earlier, while on the bench, she broke into an extended rant while presiding over a traffic court call at the Markham courthouse.

Lawyer at center of court scandal can no longer practice
SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio attorney at the center of a federal investigation into suspected corruption at the Bexar County Courthouse has agreed to a suspension of his law license.

Alberto “Al” Acevedo Jr., 60, who pleaded guilty in mid-March to bribing state District Judge Angus McGinty, agreed to the interim suspension sought by the State Bar of Texas' disciplinary arm via a process known as “compulsory discipline.”

I have a Facebook account but I don't put pictures of my family on it and I never talk about when I'm going on vacation or out of town. I'm amazed at the details people post, with pictures of their children and grandchildren. Here's a good example of things that can go wrong:
Facebook 'Friend' Robs Home Of Vacationing Family: Cops
A woman on vacation in Las Vegas had her house burglarized by a trio that allegedly included one of her Facebook "friends."

Stacey Grant of Fontana, Calif., was so excited about her family's spring break trip to Sin City that she posted lots of social media updates about her whereabouts.

One of her Facebook friends apparently really "liked" those updates.

Investigators say Michael Batson, 21, used Grant' Facebook posts to case her home and, with the help of two other men, ransack it last Tuesday.

"It was hurtful," Grant told KNBC-TV. "My whole room was trashed, there were clothes everywhere. My bed was gone."

31-year-old Anthony Nelson, better known as "Flip," of Tyler, Texas drove children across the state line so that they could engage in prostitution, according to an indictment obtained by Breitbart Texas. Nelson was already a convicted sex offender at the time.
On March 26 Nelson was indicted on sexual exploitation charges.
The indictment states that during November and December 2013, Nelson drove two minors across state lines with the intention of prostituting them. He was already a convicted sex offender, having been found guilty of Aggravated Assault of a Child in 2003.

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