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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

San Antonio Lawyer Off to Prison, Kerrville Pervert Convicted Molesting Granddaugther

Lawyer sent to prison for Bexar billing scheme
San Antonio Express
SAN ANTONIO — Former defense attorney Hilda Valadez, who pleaded guilty to charges of forging judges' signatures and double billing the county for indigent defense work, was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison.

The sentence, by Visiting Judge Stephen Ables, came with the caveat that he would retain jurisdiction of the case for 180 days. That means he can determine at any time during the next six months to commute her sentence to probation.

Kerrville - 73 year old pervert off to the Big House for 30 years for molesting granddaughter

Here's the KDT summary:
"A 73-year-old Comfort man accused of touching his elementary school-age granddaughter in a sexual manner numerous times over a three-year period may spend the rest of his life in prison.
The man, who has not been identified to protect his 9-year-old victim, was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a Kerr County jury Monday morning. After the jury deliberated for about an hour and handed down the verdict, friends and relatives of the defendant took the stand asking jurors to assess the minimum sentence allowable under the law — 25 years in prison without parole."
I'll tell you the perv's name: David George Pfeifer.  Here's his mugshot:

 The victim was actually only 3 or 4 when it started. And it involved a lot more than the defendant "touching" her - taking showers, sleeping naked in bed with her, forcing her to masturbate him, etc.
I watched a good bit of the trial last week and after I saw the defendant's wife testify I was convinced he was guilty as sin. When the sheriff's department detective told her that her husband was being investigated for molesting her granddaugther, her response was "That's not true - he's getting plenty at home." And she was trying to help him! She reminded me of Phyllis Diller, with teased, bleach blond hair and white plastic framed glasses as big as the windshield on a Harley.
After the guilty verdict, some of his supporters were sitting outside the courtroom praying - for him! His preacher sat through the trial to show his support.
During the trial a few years ago over the custody of Matt Baker's daughters (Baker is in prison for life after being convicted of murdering his wife in Hewlitt, outside Waco) it came out that, years ago, a preacher from one of the big churches was cruising and trying to pick up little boys. That one got covered up. I won't get into my theories about the link between fundamentalist religion and child molesters (and let's don't forget the good old Catholic church).

US Marshal Kills Defendant
A U.S. Marshal shot and killed defendant in a federal courthouse in Salt Lake City on Monday. Siale Angilau, an alleged member of the Tongan Crips gang, was on trial accused of shooting two deputy U.S. marshals in August 2007. Angilau was killed by the Marshal after he ran toward a witness in a “aggressive, threatening manner” armed with a pen or pencil, said the FBI's assistant special agent in charge. A witness in the courtroom said the Marshal fired eight times and fired again after the defendant had fallen.

How Chicago Became ‘Chiraq
This Easter weekend, 45 people were shot in the city that’s come to be known as ‘Chiraq.’ And until Obama can get the guns off the streets of his hometown, the bloodshed won’t stop.


  1. It seems to me 30 years is a little harsh, given the fact there was no penetration. I guess the Easter spirit of forgiveness was lost upon the Kerrville jury the day after Easter. At least the church service was entertaining and the junk food afterward was satisfying.

    1. But there was penetration, both anal and vaginal. He's a rapist and got what he deserved.

    2. Anonymous , does it hurt to be so stupid ? The pervert got what he deserved and hopefully will pass on (die)in prison . Sounds harsh but his victim faces a life of damage .
      Go talk to victims to understand why perverts deserve these lengthy sentences . Victims get life . Offenders deserve the same sentence they give those they prey on . Just trust me on this matter .

  2. Well I did not know that. I tried to follow the case and that was was not in the KDT online. I did see fondling allegations. Did you see any of the Jury selection process?

    1. I didn't see jury selection. I saw the defendant's wife testify and she pretty much buried him, even though she was trying to help. When the investigator told her that hubby was being investigated for molesting the granddaughter, her response was, "well, it's not because he's not getting enough at home." She probably should have been a co-defendant for not reporting him.

    2. Good point about her possible silence. Wonder if the grandmother knew about it when it was going on. Would a prosecutor be willing to have a grand jury look at true billing a perjury charge against her? Seems like she may have intentionally contradicted her grand jury testimony.

      Regarding penetration, he allegedly used his finger. The paper didn't go into that much detail, but it's public record.

  3. I fellow in jury panel told me Lucy ran roughshod over the defense lawyer during jury selection and gave extensive testimony to the jury regarding the honesty of police without any objection from the defense, among other things. Are the local lawyers scared of Lucy?

  4. I was on the jury panel, and there was no mention of penetration. That is unless you count "penetration" as the Defendant using his hands to apply medicine to the child's privates. I was way down the line on the panel and wasn't picked for the jury and not present for testimony, so I have no opinion of his guilt. But he was surely guilty of being stupid. I will not, and I caution my friends to never be alone with a child - relative or not, and if the child is sick or even has only something as simple as a genital rash, a man needs to get a woman to help, or he needs to call an ambulance - even if there is no emergency). The father, the grand-father, or any other grown man can’t even allow himself to be alone with a small child if the child is in any state of undress (like a swimsuit). I know this sounds like paranoia, and I may be exaggerating a little, but after a case like this, who knows how far a law like this can reach? This man just received a “death penalty by jail”, and while he is waiting to die in jail, his life will not be a horror.

    Lucy prosecuted the case, and I felt like she took control of the court room from the other lawyers. She has a powerful presence and at one time asked the jury panel if they would tend to believe law enforcement officers before they would believe common laymen. She told the panel that she (Lucy) believed that policemen are honest, credible, reliable, and truthful under all circumstances, and then she asked the panel if any of them believed the same as she felt. Many raised their hand in agreement. I felt like she was testifying as to the reliability and credibility of he cop witnesses even though she was not under oath and not subject to cross-examination.

  5. I was there for some of the trial and knew a lot of the details of the case. I think the grandmother should be punished for covering up what her husband did to that little girl! I also agree with your comments regarding religion and molestation. I was raised in the evangelical church and it seems to me that they often turn their heads to these sorts of things and do nothing for the victim. They "religious types" are easy to forgive sinners, believe god forgives creeps like this and expect the victims just to get over it.