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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

South Texas Corruption; San Antonio Dope Heads

Former Hidalgo County sheriff pleads guilty to money laundering

From S.A. Express  McALLEN — Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño pleaded guilty Monday to a federal charge related to money laundering, a little more than two weeks since abruptly resigning and just days after a former aide pleaded guilty to one count of misprison of a felony, federal prosecutors said.
Treviño, who resigned March 28 after nine years as the county's top law enforcement officer, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering involving a campaign contribution from suspected drug trafficker Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez. The charge carries a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

From SA Express
Here's three good reasons I'm a member of the NRA:
SAN ANTONIO — Officers from several jurisdictions arrested seven people Wednesday accused of involvement in an organized property crimes ring to support their alleged methamphetamine habits.

Police said they have recovered $500,000 worth of stolen property, including electronics, guns, drugs, a boat and mail that was used to open false accounts. Most of it was seized from a trailer park in the 16200 block of U.S. 281 North.

“They were waking up in the morning, and to support their drug habit they were burglarizing and stealing as much as they could, as often as they could,” said San Antonio police Chief William McManus. “We expect that this will put a big dent in the property crime numbers here in San Antonio and in the surrounding counties.”

How would you like to come home and surprise these thugs in your house? 

CHICAGO (AP) — Federal court documents show that an associate of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was arrested in Las Vegas in January and brought to Chicago.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Wednesday (http://bit.ly/1hLWAvX ) that Edgar Manuel Valencia Ortega pleaded not guilty last week in a closed hearing before U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo in Chicago. Prosecutors accused him of coordinating the delivery of large shipments of cocaine from Mexico to the U.S. He's also accused of collecting and laundering drug money.


  1. I agree the photos printed in the EN of the meth addict / thieves were disturbing. It gives people a sensational image of how bad drugs can be, and is a hot topic of conversation.

    Here in Kerrville, we have a far worse problem. An editorial by the Times Editorial Board printed in the April 16 KTD states that “215 kids confirmed by authorities to have been abused in Kerr County in 2013. Sadly, that is just the number of kids whose abuse was reported.”

    There were no accompanying sensational photos, obviously, however, no one seems to be talking about this incredibly huge problem. Kerr County has about 49,000 residents, many of which are retired. Two hundred fifteen cases is one about every 41 hours, 365 days a year. If one factors in the unreported cases, the real number is closer to one per day. Richard, we have a real problem here, and it is running the quality of life and the economy. These crime statistics do not help in bringing in the new blood this community so desperately needs. Outsiders look at these statistics and they may fear Kerrville is turning into a crime ridden, backwater hick town, and they would be correct, in my opinion.

    The root of this problem is cultural, and the lack of leadership. Kerr County is one of the most conservative voting, religious counties in America and that is undisputed. White, Conservative, Christians occupy 100% of countywide offices. For whatever reason, this group has failed the larger community, and I do not see any changes in policies which will bring us out of this mess.
    Due to the failures of leadership and decline of the culture, our economy is faltering, of course. There are 687 houses on the market in the Kerrville area with at least another 150 FSBO. Only 15 – 20 residential properties are closing each month. This translates into an abysmal housing supply, and there is nothing on the horizon to change this.

    Kerrville has been dependent on retirees. This model must change. Retirement lifestyles of years past in America do not exist in the 21st century. More and more old people are broke or must work well into their 70’s. The retiree economic model is over for Kerrville, and the sooner our leadership comes to understand this the better.

    The only way to lessen the decline of Kerrville is to attract highly educated young people, perhaps with technology opportunities. As things stand, our best and brightest youngsters are getting out of here as quickly as possible. Fire and brimstone religion and social conservative policies are like kryptonite to this group.

    The recent push to give Mooney…aka THE CHINESE our tax money is yet another example of 20th century thinking. In the unlikely event Mooney ever makes a profit, those profits will probably be swept up and taken to China. If Mooney was a good investment, private equity would move in and provide the all necessary resources. Mooney is an outdated aircraft and will not return to the glory days without a complete transformation of the airplane. A new roof will change nothing.

    The good news is an investment in a roof is a far better choice than the investment we made in the shooting range. Remember that one?

  2. Educated young people with technical qualifications and some experience will not come to Kerrville because they have no where to apply their skills. Medical doctors and nurses are an exception, but unfortunately this dynamic speaks to our ageing population and the incredibly nasty anomaly that is the air we breathe in this valley and the polluted river that runs through it. A book could be written about the physical dangers of the natural living environment, so let that be left alone for now. Kerrville just has to find a way to develop a reputation as the "Capital" of something besides methamphetamines, child molestation, and the Aryan Brotherhood.

  3. Here is a great blog by a Loyola Law School Professor.


  4. http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/durham-police-bonus-payments-to-informants-could-violate-defendants-rights/Content?oid=3927386