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Monday, May 12, 2014

Berkeley Law Grad Off to Great Start After Conviction for Animal Cruelty; South Texas Money Laundering State Trooper

Univ. of  California at Berkeley Law school grad gets probation in Vegas bird death
From S.A. Express
Justin Alexander Teixera

Is this geek going to be a:
a)  prosecutor
b)  criminal defense lawyer
c) plaintiff mass torts lawyer
d) federal judge
e) state court judge
f) none - hopefully he will never get a law license

I vote (f)

I hope everytime this creep applies for a job the employer does a background check and this comes up, and is saddled with a couple hundred thousand in student loans.

Former Texas trooper pleads to money laundering
From S.A. Express
McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A former Texas state trooper and sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty to money laundering Monday, two years after a traffic stop revealed more than $1 million in the trunk of his car.

Robert "Bobby" Maldonado, who was running for constable in Hidalgo County at the time of his February 2012 arrest in Victoria County, spent about 12 years working as a courier bringing drug proceeds back to the Texas-Mexico border from the U.S. interior, according to prosecutors.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Sturgis said Monday that Maldonado, 49, would buy one-way flights to cities including Detroit, Chicago and Birmingham, Alabama, rent cars and drive the money back. He generally received about 3 percent of the money he carried as payment and invested it in properties and other assets disguised under other names, Sturgis said.

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