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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kerrville Paper Publishes Names and Photos of Hispanic Suspects in Child Sex Assault Cases, But Not Anglos. Why?

Why does Kerrville Daily Times Publish Names and Photos of Minority Suspects in Child Sex Abuse Cases But Not Anglos?

I posted on this blog about a recent trial where an older Anglo man was convicted of continual sexual abuse of his four year old step-granddaughter. Kerrville Daily Times  wouldn't identify him, claiming the paper wanted to protect the child's identity. If that's so, why did it run a front page article with the Hispanic suspect's name, and his mug shot? Does a Mexican-American child not deserve the same consideration as an Anglo child? I wrote a letter to the editor, which so far, has not been published. 

SAN ANTONIO — An off-duty deputy charged last week with driving while intoxicated had fallen asleep inside a Whataburger before he was found asleep again — this time behind the wheel of a running pickup — with a cold, open “tall boy,” according to a newly released police report.
Ricardo Sanchez, 37, of Universal City, was arrested outside the Pat Booker Road restaurant on April 30.
The restaurant manager told police that after the food was brought to Sanchez, the deputy had trouble finding it on the table, according to the report released Tuesday. Sanchez also walked behind the counter and into the kitchen while he was looking for the bathroom.
SAN ANTONIO — A Helotes police lieutenant is on an unpaid suspension after surrendering to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office on a charge of choking the mother of his child.
An arrest warrant affidavit says Elliot Rodriguez, 42, came home from work at about 3 a.m. Sunday and began going through his girlfriend's phone while she slept.
The woman, who shares a West Bexar County home with him in the 10700 block of Vollmer Lane, told deputies “he did not like a text message conversation” he saw between her and a male friend. Rodriguez woke her up and started arguing with her while their 1-month-old baby was asleep in the same room, according to the affidavit.

HEARNE, Texas (AP) — A 93-year-old Central Texas woman was fatally shot at her home by a police officer when after she allegedly brandished a gun, the Hearne Police Department said Wednesday.
Pearlie Golden, a longtime resident of Hearne who was affectionately known to her neighbors as Ms. Sully, was shot Tuesday night by Officer Steven Stem, Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert said. Stem was responding to a 911 call about a disturbance involving a woman with a gun.
The Hearne Police Department said in a written statement that Golden "brandished a firearm" when Stem encountered her. He then shot her multiple times.

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  1. The KDT will not print your letter. They are in the business of selling ad space and they know the local redneck mentality. They want to feed the monster red meet with sex crimes and meth crimes, and stories about evil blacks and hispanics. It is all about reinforcing the culture and provoking thought is not allowed. They hate you for exposing Prohl as a thief, because it ALMOST caused them to think.